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2019-12-10 (1.9.0) Patch Notes

Patch Notes
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  2019-12-10 (1.9.0) Patch Notes   [Events] ■ Karma Enchant Stone exchanges will take place from Tuesday until Saturday ■ Soul - Ether exchanges will take place from Sunday until Monday ■ Essence of Creation discounts(30%) will take place from Tuesday until Saturday - Emerald prices are discounted up to the tenth recharge every day ■ Pandora rates up events will take place from Tuesday until Saturday - Creation rates are increased for the newly included equipment ■ Pandora mine booster yield increase (50%) events will take place for one week - The effect only applies to additional yield from using Mine Boosters ■ Pandora creation accumulation events will take place ■ Pandora material exchanges will take place   [Content] ■ New equipment have been added in Pandora's Clock of Creation - Ice Breaker, Stone Breaker, Frost Guardian, 3 types of Pegasus ■ 4 new Karma equipment have been added - Offensive (Centurion's Flag, Berserker Cloak), Defensive (Wind Chieftain's Horn, Knight King's heavy Armor) - The [Wind Chieftain's Horn] is Rare graded, while the [Centurion's Flag], [ Berserker Cloak], and the [Knight King's heavy Armor] are graded Legendary ■ Karma experience potions will drop from the Realm of Lore ■ The rewards for total points in the Collection has been expanded upon ■ An Advent Egg of Authority has been added that provides Fellow vitality ■ Additional varieties has been added for the Advent Egg of Authority - Divine Advent Egg of Authority - contains Legendary, Rare, and Advent grade Enchant Stones - Legendary Advent Egg of Authority - contains Legendary grade Enchant Stones ■ Daily/Weekly missions related to Force Battles have been removed, and have been rearranged - Requirement adjustments ㄴOpen 2 Eggs of Authority > Open 1 Egg of Authority - New daily missions ㄴUse 30,000 Gold > Receive 25 Emeralds ㄴUse 160 Battle Keys > Receive 40 Salt, 900 exp ㄴUse 5 Team Battle Keys > Receive 50 Valor Coins, 1,400 exp - New weekly missions ㄴClear the Realm of Lore 2 times > 2 Advent Egg of Authority, 500 exp ㄴClear the Realm of Lore 6 times > 2 Elaborate Advent Eggs of Authority, 1,500 exp - Reward balance adjustments ㄴUse 80 Battle Keys > 790 to 490 ㄴParticipate in the Team Battle 3 times > 1,500 to 700 ※ Adjustments have only been made to experience points gained   [New Products] ■ Limited >The [Pandora Super Special Support] package has been added in the Recommended category - The package is not for sale constantly, and is sold only for a limited amount of time ■ Special > Karma Experience Potions have been added in the Special Shop category ■ Crown > Karma Experience Potions have been added to the Content category   [Balance] ■ The cost for removing Novastones has been reduced slightly ■ Stat correction for the Competitions has been adjusted - Attacking Savior's Life increased by 10%, Defending Savior's Life decreased by 10% - Defending Savior's Attack reduced by 10% - Attacking Fellow Attack increased by 10% ■ Equipment stats have been adjusted - General stats and skills for the [Legendary Advent Blaze Bastard] have been increased - Flame Attack, Penetration, Physical Attack, Critical Chance increased - Damage output for [Ignition] and [Burn The Sky] increased - The status effect resistance of Armor have been increased in general ㄴLegendary : [Warlord] (Down Damage Decrease), [Heaven Star] (Airborne Damage Decrease), [Void Walker] (Stun Damage Decrease) ㄴRare : [Crusader] (Down Damage Decrease), [Royal Guard] (Airborne Damage Decrease), [Demon Hunter] (Stun Damage Decrease) ㄴNormal : [Temple Knight] (Down Damage Decrease), [Sentinel] (Airborne Damage Decrease), [Brigandine] (Stun Damage Decrease) - New stats have been added to certain Armor ㄴ [Flame Lord] - Burn Damage Decrease ㄴ[Holy Saver] - Bleed Damage Decresae ㄴ[Dark Moon] - Petrify Damage Decrease - Defense stats for Belts have been increased in general - A Break Damage Reduction stat has been included for the [Wake Belt] - The Bleed Damage Decrease for the [Mystic Vein] has been increased - The Damage Decrease for the [Goddess Bless] has been increased - The Physical Attack stat of Rings have been increased in general - The defense stat for the [Immortal Skin Ring] has been decreased - The Life stat for the [Revive Ring] has been increased - The Penetration stat for the [Stun Needle], [Deadly Rose], and the [Iron Wing] has been increased ■ Collection Effects of certain equipment has been increased - The Petrify Damage Boost for the [Bone Crusher] has been increased - A Freeze Damage Boost for the [Bone Crusher] has been added - The Flame Attack Boost for the [Fire Buster] has been increased - The Toxic Attack Boost for the [Doom Cannon] has been increased - The Lightning Attack Boost for the [Lightning Shooter] has been increased - The Burn Damage Boost for the [Blaze Bastard] has been increased ■ Cooltime for Lalika's [Purify] has been increased for Team Battles and Competitions   [Improvements] ■ The maximum displayable Battle Keys have been increased from 9,999 to 60,000 - Keys do not accumulate beyond 60,000 ■ A [Reset Team] and [Reset All Teams] buttons have been included in the Team Settings for the Trial of Equinus ■ The Time Chance banner is displayed upon entering the lobby, and the menu will no longer be movable ■ Fixed an occurrence where the camera would go through the geometry in certain desert and jungle Battle Zone maps ■ The color tinge of the Christmas lobby has been partially adjusted ■ The Edge protection function for iOS devices can now be applied ■ The base Novastone Inventory has been expanded to 100 slots, and can be expanded to a maximum of 400 slots ■ The frequency for renewing the remaining battery display has been improved upon.   [Bug Fixes] ■ Fixed an issue where the Knight King's Poleyn's skill would activate when the player is inflicted with another status effect that restricts the player's movement along with Knockdown ■ Fixed an issue where the arrow icon to indicate increased item drops would display in the result screen for the Hall of Illusions while using a Personal Hot-time ■ Fixed an issue where the World Map screen would be draggable during the tutorial ■ Fixed an issue where the modeling for Equinus would seldom not appear as intended during the Trial of Equinus ■ Fixed an issue where the Knight King's Poleyn's skill would activate in the Trial of Equinus regardless of the slot it is equipped in ■ Fixed an issue where the menu scroll would reset in the Cash Shop upon purchasing an item ■ Fixed an issue for the Vanguard Shield when upon creating a protection barrier for Fellows with the [Shield Blessing] skill, the additional protection created by [Shield Spirit] was not being affected ■ Fixed an issue where in certain parts of the game, the UI would be misrepresented when pressing the return button after entering the Cash Shop using a shortcut button ■ Fixed an issue where the text scroll was not implemented in the description for the Heavenly Present Package ■ Fixed an issue when upon entering a battle with an equipment with the skill [Chasing Blade], the rage meter would not be filled automatically ■ Fixed an issue where the Cash Shop category would not display the red dot indication when a free Novastone draw is available ■ Fixed an issue where players were unable to find certain users using the [Find Friend] function ■ Fixed an issue where upon entering the Skin UI using the Skin button from the Fellow menu, the pre-equipped skin would not be selected automatically ■ Fixed an issue where Lalika would not use [Purify] when locked on ■ Fixed an issue where Fellow Medal effects would not display their actual points or effects ■ Fixed an issue where the Point Rewards for the Advent would appear to be initialized when entering an Advent via using the Notifications shortcut ■ Fixed an issue where Valein's active skill would not trigger its taunt effect  

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