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2019-11-26 (1.8.0) Patch Notes

Patch Notes
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  2019-11-26 (1.8.0) Patch Notes   [Events] ■ Karma Enchant Stone Exchanges will take place from Tuesday until Saturday ■ Soul - Ether exchanges will take place for 2 days between Sunday and Monday   [New Products] ■ Black Friday discount products will be added for purchase starting post maintenance 11/26 until maintenance on 12/03 - Legendary Main Weapon Random Package - Heavenly Present Package - 60% discounted 1,000 Emeralds - 60% discounted Gold Premium Package - 50% discounted Pandora Material Package - 50% discounted Skill Growth Package ※ Products are accessible from the [Cash Shop] ->[Special] -> [Black Friday] category ※ Discounted prices only applies to the products displayed in the [Black Friday] category   ■ The Emerald Subscription - Premium (30 days) package has been added ■ The [7-day Adventure Package], [Emerald Subscription - Lite], and the [Emerald Subscription - Special] has been renewed   [Balance] ■ A maximum value to the Damage Decrease stat has been implemented - Maximum value of 70% ㄴSuper Armor Break Damage Decrease, Damage Decrease, Content specific Damage Decrease, Critical Decrease, All Status Effect Damage Decrease, Thorn shield/Damage reflect resistance, status effect duration - Maximum value of 80 ㄴFlame Resistance, Cold Resistance, Lightning Resistance, Toxic Resistance ■ Gigantic's 4th Secret Skill [Toughness] has been adjusted - Before : Defense 50%, Critical Resistance 40% increase - After : Defense 220, Critical Resistance 45% increase, Critical Damage Reduction 15%

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■ The protection effect for the Heaven Star and Vanguard Shield's skills has been adjusted - Have been adjusted to absorb additional damage from status effects - Correction according to content will be implemented (equal to health regeneration percentage) - A shield icon have been added when the opponent is using a protection skill - If the protection absorbs damage, a "Shield" tooltip will be displayed instead of a damage output of 0

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■ Niki balance adjustments - Base Rage stacks have been added according to the number of Secret Skills obtained ㄴexample) With the [Divine Phoenix Palm](Secret Skill 1) opened, 1 stack of Rage will be provided at the beginning of the battle ㄴexample) With the [Celestial Dragon Orb](Secret Skill 4) opened, 2 stacks of Rage will be provided at the beginning of the battle - [Dragon Enlightenment](Secret Skill 3) has been adjusted to replenish Rage according to the number of stackable Rage instead of its previous fixed 70% ㄴexample) With 2 maximum stacks, 140% / with 3 maximum stacks, 210% - [Dragon Enlightenment](Secret Skill 3)'s cooltime has been adjusted to be equal to Tiki's [Waylaying Dragon](Secret Skill 4) ■ Valein can now be used in Guild Competitions - Valein will become subject to attacks in Striker mode when appeared using his Active Skill - Valein's 2nd Secret Skill [Mountain Stance] will activate by chance when acquired - The taunting effect of [Shield Crash EX] will be applied for NPCs, but will be ineffective against players and Fellows   [Improvements] ■ Farming assist shortcuts for certain materials have been added - Worm, Bargoth Advent ingredients -> Advent - Battle Zone ingredients -> Fellow Dispatch ■ Animation has been added upon the Battle Zone icon when Fellows are Dispatched ■ A red dot icon will be displayed on the Battle icon in the main lobby for notification when Dispatches are completed ■ The Cash Shop's Categorization has been improved upon ■ Keys for team battles will be consumed after loading in order to prevent Key losses from application termination during loading ■ The Close or Resend buttons after dispatching Fellows have been adjusted to be displayed after the rewards have been displayed on the result screen

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■ The UI will be able to be triggered invisible by touching the screen when in screenshot mode ■ The unlockable recipe from the gifting screen for Bianca's Smithy will be displayed with its corresponding grade ■ The red dot icon for notification in the Fellow menu has been adjusted to display primarily for upgradable contents - Before : If a Fellow character can be upgraded, the red dot would display over the Fellow icon - After : When a Fellow is upgradable, the red dot displays on the category first, and when selected a category, upgradable Fellows for that category will be displayed with a red dot ■ The recharge prices for subsequent purchasing of Gold, Battle Keys, Illusion Hall Keys, and Event Battle keys has been decreased - Recharge prices for Gold and Battles Keys overall decreased by approximately 50% - Number of daily rechargeable Hall of Illusion keys increased (6 -> 9 times) - Daily rechargeable Event Battles have been increased (2 -> 3 times) ■ Lalika's Secret Skill [Purify] has been adjusted according to its Skill description ■ The Fellow Relation rewards have been renamed as Sotry Rewards, and its button have been readjusted to be displayed at the bottom in the list of Illusion Halls ■ Team Settings can now be loaded when preparing for Competition rounds ■ The requirements for accessing the Egg of Authority from the inventory has been decreased from clearing Battlefield 7 to Battlefield 3   [Bug Fixes] ■ Fixed an issue where Fellow active skills were usable during the countdown phase in Team Battles ■ Fixed an issue when entering a certain area in Battlefield 4, the loading image would not be displayed ■ Fixed an issue where the Fellow characters' dialogue for victory would play despite suffering defeat ■ Fixed an issue where the Slow Duration Increase for the [Blizzard Ring] was not being applied properly ■ Fixed an issue when during the animation for the [Void Walker] T6 enhancement, its gauntlets would appear invisible ■ Fixed an issue in the Trial of Equinus where the equipped weapon would appear invisible when using [Smite] and changing teams simultaneously ■ Fixed an issue in the Trial of Equinus where Equinus would skip his phase shift when hit by [Triple Throw] ■ Fixed an issue where the recieve rewards button would be active despite not participating in that week's Trial of Equinus ■ Fixed an issue where during the time when the Trial of Equinus is inactive (Thursdays 00:00~04:59), the content would be accessible through the Farming Assist from the Fellow Ether Imprints ■ Fixed an issue where Lady Gray's skill [Absolute Zero] would be displayed at a lopsided angle ■ Fixed an issue when in certain parts of the game, if a player would move to the Team Settings to the information screen for an Equipment and proceed to use Sweep for the Farming assist, the Team Setting would be misplaced  

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