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2019-07-25 ( Patch Notes

Patch Notes
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  2019-07-25 ( Patch Notes   [Events] ■ Niki Event Battles will commence for 1 week   [New Products] ■ A new Fellow character Niki has been added   [Improvements] ■ Skin collections have been adjusted to be categorized into years ■ The texture on Nazriel's face for the two Beachwear skins have been improved upon   [Bug Fixes] ■ Fixed an issue where the icon of a player pending for Guild application was being misrepresented ■ Fixed an issue where Bianca's Smithy was being displayed on the farming assist for the Blaze Bastard ■ Fixed an issue where text would not display on Equipment Enchant Stone farming assists   [Known Issues] ■ In order to address the issue where Thorne and Reflection damage would be applied to the player in Force Battles, they will not be applied temporarily ■ Upon using or selling an item from the inventory, the item at the top of the inventory would be selected instead of the used/sold item  

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