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2019-06-20 (1.3.5) Patch Notes

Patch Notes
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  2019-06-20 (1.3.5) Patch Notes   [Events] ■ Pandora rate up event will commence from Thursday until Monday - Production rates are increased for Legendary Advent equipment and equipment related to the status effect 'Bleed' ■ Pandora Mine Boost yield increase (by 50%) event will take place until Monday - Only the additional yield from using boosters will be affected ■ Essence of Creation recharge discounts(30%) event will take place from Thursday until Monday - For each day, from the initial purchase until the 10th purchase will be affected by the discount ■ Enchant Stone Exchanges will commence from Thursday until Monday   [Contents] ■ The Advent system has been renewed, and the Primal Worm Advent will be playable

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- The Advent system been changed to be accessible at all times instead of being a seasonal content - Point rewards have been added for playing the Primal Worm Advent - Advent Challenge Missions have been added - With the renewed system and difficulty adjustments, previous Advent clear records have been initialized - The Worm Advent point reward list has been renewed, and previous reward records have been initialized, and rewards can be reacquired - Reward items can be used as ingredients in Bianca's Smithy ■ Bianca's Smithy has been added

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- Legendary Advent and Rare equipment can be created from the Smithy ■ New Karma Equipment have been added

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- The [Wild Dog's Black Eyepatch] and the [Wild Dog's Dagger] ■ The Unknown Workshop - Items related to Bianca's Smithy ahd high graded Karma upgrade materials has been added to the Unknown Workshop. This does not affect the equipment placement in the Unknown Workshop. ■ An official community for the AUS and SGP servers has been added

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- Can be accessed in game from the Options->Game info->Official Community

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■ Additional products have been added in the Normal Shop and Guild Shop for purchase ■ Missions related to Helping in Force Battles have been removed from daily and weekly missions, and have been replaced with key consumption missions

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■ 2 Legendary Advent equipment has been added to Pandora's Workshop ■ Force Battle play times have been adjusted to 12:00 until 03:00 the following day ■ Medal points requirements for Fellows in the Collection has been decreased ■ Collection effects for the Primal Worm Advent equipment has been expanded upon   [New Products] ■ The Pandora Super Special Support package has been added - The product is not for sale constantly, and is only sold for specific periods only ■ The Superlative Vitality Potion, for restoring Fellow vitality, has been added in the Crown category ■ The Royal T-Bone Steak has been added in the Crown Category that reduces the cooltime in between creating equipment at Bianca's Smithy   [Balance] ■ The upgrade materials for the Holy Saver has been adjusted. [Fragment of Sacred Evil Stones] will no longer be required. ■ Rowin's third Meteorstone effects has been adjusted to Advent Damage increase and Advent Damage decrease   [Improvements] ■ An edit button has been added to the Team Setting's Preset pop-up menu to prevent misclicking ■ A minigame has been added to the iOS version in order to improve upon the download environment ■ A 'Show Helmet' option has been added to the Beauty Shop ■ The farming assist for Enchant Stones will now display alternative acquisition means other than Pandora's Workshop ■ The Guild Master position will be handed to other Guild Members when the Guild Master and Co-Leader are absent for a certain amount of time ■ Guild Competitions - When trying to enter an area where combat is ongoing, the participating Guild member's name and termination time will be displayed in the UI - Adjusted so that participation information for each individual participant would be refreshed immediately - Fixed an issue where the UI would be misplaced for the iPhone 7 - The reason for individuals not participating in the Guild Competitions will be displayed - Keys will be consumed upon entering the Guild Competition, and a notice pop-up will be displayed - The progress of the Guild Competition will be displayed for better comprehension - Fixed an issue where Tiki would not use her 4th Hidden Skill during Guild Competitions - Attacks made on the enemy will now be displayed for the percentage rate of the Main Castle destroyed - Colors have been applied to nicknames etc. for better comprehension of the Competition progress - Fixed an issue where the Demolition's skill 'Rising Upper' would cause the character to freeze in certain areas ■ Tiki's Hidden Skill display icons has been adjusted ■ Additional visual effects have been added on Gigantic's Gentleman's Butler Outfit skin

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■ Fixed an issue when helping in Force Battles, the holding hands icon would not be displayed   [Bug Fixes] ■ Fixed an issue where 'Aerial Evasion' and additional Karma skills were not being activated in Arena battles ■ Fixed an issue where the clear time would be misrepresented upon clearing a boss ■ Fixed an issue where the left and right buttons in the Karma Equipment screen would not display properly ■ Fixed an issue where invincibility time were applied relatively for different armor when using dodge ■ Fixed an issue where the Cash Shop would be inaccessible in certain situations ■ Fixed an issue when viewing the information of other players, different equipment would be displayed at times ■ Fixed an issue where in Team Battles, the opponent's Super Armor gauge did not sync with the UI displayed ■ Fixed an issue when using a Normal grade Last Hope and using 'Charging Guard', it would be sustained infinitely ■ Fixed an issue where closing the pop-up screen for viewing the information of Guild members, the Guild member formation screen would close ■ Fixed an issue where Tumennast's skill 'Wild Hunting' would not cause status effects despite the skill making contact ■ Fixed an issue where upon receiving a Novastone from the Novastone Chain Effect boxes, the Chain Effect icon would not be displayed ■ Fixed an issue when viewing a weapon skin for a weapon that the player has already equipped from the Complete Package, the character's appearance would not be displayed ■ Fixed an issue where the player uses the same fellow as their opponent in the Arena, the player's fellow's skin effect would be applied to the opponent as well ■ Fixed an issue where the red dot would constantly be displayed for the Karma tab in the Equipment menu ■ Fixed an issue where Teo's skill 'Judgment Spear' would be used twice when there are multiple status effects applied on the target ■ Fixed an issue when upon using Teo's active skill after equipping Teo's skin, the skin effect would not be applied ■ Fixed an issue where on certain Boss Battle stages in Battlefield 2, would be moved to the ceiling upon using a skill ■ Fixed an issue where Tiki's skill 'Waylaying Dragon' would not activate while Tiki is in Strike mode ■ Fixed an issue where farming assist is enabled for Karma Emancipation, would not move to the Karma UI ■ Fixed an issue where the price of the 'Gender Adjustment Package' was misplaced for iOS devices, and has been reenlisted on the Cash Shop  

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