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[Notice] Server Transfers


Hello Saviors, this is GM Karen of Hundred Soul.  

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  Starting from September 23rd until October 20th, server transfer services will be provided over the span of four weeks. Upon logging into the game during the Server Transfer period, a notification pop-up will be provided for transfer, and the pop-up will be accessible using the button on the bottom left side of the screen.  

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  Server Transfers are provided only to the Singapore and Australian servers to transfer to the Korean server, and character data that is not transferred during this time period can and will be subject to elimination.   Server Transfers will be provided according to the following schedule :   ◈ Server Transfer schedules - September 23rd, 2020 03:00(UTC) ~ October 20th, 2020 (16:00 UTC)   ※ Disclaimer - Schedules can be subject to adjustment or temporary suspension depending on service conditions   ◈ Information that is transferred - Base information : Level, Experience Points, Profile Icons, Victory Points, Novastone Information - Currency : Gold, Emeralds, Crowns, Guild Coins, Valor Coins, Friendship Coins, Secret Shop Information, General Shop Information - Keys : Battle Keys, Illusion Hall Keys, Team Battle Keys, Event Battle Keys, Force Battle Keys, Event Battle Challenge Limit - Game Progress : Current Battlefield and Conquest information, Companion Dispatchment information, Advent Boss progress, Advent Score rewards and information, Tower of Summoning progress information, Event Battle progress information - Collection : Collection information, Collection Rate, Collection Medal Points - Purchases : Goddess’ Blessing information - Appearance : Possessed Skins, Character appearance information - Items and Equipment : Team Settings information, Inventory information, Egg of Authority information, Equipment information, Karma information - Companions and Pets : Pet information, Companion information - Pandora/Bianca : Pandora’s Clock of Creation information, Pandora’s upgrade information, Pandora’s Unknown Workshop information, Bianca’s Smithy recipes, Bianca’s crafting requests, Bianca’s favor, Kane’s Level   ◈ Information that is not transferred - Base information : Nickname (Character name), Friends list, Guild information, Mail information - Personal records : Advent ranking, Conquest clear time records, all Team Battle information, all Weapon Challenge information, Trial of Equinus ranking, all Chain Battle information - Discussion records : Conquest discussions, Companion discussions - Other : Pandora’s Workshop Records, active Hot Time buffs and time remaining, Skin Collection Effects (Can be reacquired from the transferred Server)   ◈ Transfer Procedure  

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  □ Prior to Transfer - Before Transferring servers, the following requirements must be met in order to proceed ㄴ All unreceived mail must be received in order to proceed ㄴ If there is a character in the Korean server linked to the same account (Google/Facebook/Apple) as the one from the Singapore/Australian server, the character in the Korean server must be deleted first   ※ Disclaimer - Deletion of a character can be done from the settings menu under the [Account management] tab by selecting the [Delete Account] button - Character deletion requires 7 days, and transfers will be available after this time.  

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  □ Transfer Procedures   - Character Transfers will take place once you meet the transfer requirements and have confirmed the transferring of the character   ※ Disclaimer - Deletion of the game application during this time can and will result in loss of character information. Do not, under any circumstance, delete the game client application until the completion of this procedure. - The process will require some amount of time that increases according to the amount of items and Novastones in your inventory, and depletion of these items is highly recommended before initiating transfers.   □ After Transfer   - A new Nickname must be assigned to the character once transfers are complete - Characters will be transferred as [Guest Accounts], and will not be linked to any login platforms (Google/Facebook/Apple) ㄴ Signing into a login platform immediately is heavily recommended, as deleting the game client or accessing another server will result in character deletion and cannot be restored afterwards  

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  ㄴ The signing into a login platform can be done from the Settings menu under the [Account Management] tab - Once the server transfer procedure is complete, you will not be able to access your original server.   For issues related to server transfers, please contact our Customer Service channel dedicated to the Server Transfer service :   Server Transfer :   Thank you.  

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  • LloydCao LV.1 Mootie Sep 23, 2020, 08:47 PM

    Hi Admin can you please answer the below question?:
    I have never logged in to KR server however the transfer from Aus server to Kr server was not done as the game said I have account in Kr link with my fb account.
    Any I logged in KR server with fb account and go through 1st stage to get to the point wherer I can unlink fb account from Kr server.
    Do I have to wait 7 days now before transferring again? Or do I have to delete?
    The instructions here said I have to delete but the instructions in game said I only have to unlink.
    What should I do? Unique ID: 9286

  • LloydCao LV.1 Mootie Sep 23, 2020, 09:04 PM

    For anyone reading, problem solved for me.
    I have linked my account with Apple ID (so my account linked both with Apple ID and fb) and the transfer conditions were met.
    I couldn’t link the account with Apple Game Center (it asked me to log out of my fb account in order to link with Game Center). But I was able to link both Apple ID and Fb account.
    So when my account was moved to KR server, it could be linked again with Apple ID, but could not link with fb anymore because the game still said I had a separate account in KR server that is linked with my fb account.

    Long story short I used an iPhone to play and link my account with apple id to transfer to KR server. Can’t switch to Andriod anymore as I can’t log in with fb account anymore...

  • stingray7274 LV.1 Mootie Sep 25, 2020, 09:10 PM

    Can anyone show a video of a successful server transfer. A detailed account of what you did. How long did it took? How did you know that the transfer was successful. What was the first thing happen when you log in to the korean server.