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Jul 7, 2020, 08:15 PM 133 read

[Post Maintenance Notice] Combat balance and crashing issues


Since today’s update(07/07), we have noticed a severe issue regarding the balancing of the combat mechanics, and upon further inspection, have confirmed that the stats for the equipped [Belt] was not being applied as intended.   Currently, we have made urgent investigations regarding the normalization of this issue. However, it has been confirmed that a client patch is required for its adjustment, and must proceed with a review process from the Open Market and may require some time.   Therefore, we have determined that the <Guild Wars> cannot proceed under such abnormal conditions, and with an emergency resource patch issued 07/07, will postpone the Guild Wars Season 2 schedule by 1 week.   Also, there have been multiple issues related to graphics, load times, and crashes which are estimated to be a side effect of the engine update. However, we will require further information in order to determine an exact causation for the issue.   For such cases, we will require any and all players experiencing such occurrences to forward the following information to in order to collect as much data as possible :   1. Device Name (ex : Samsung Galaxy S9 etc.) 2. OS version (ex : Android 9.0 / iOS 13.3 etc.) 3. Description or screenshot of the issue’s occurrence   We sincerely apologize for the issues occurred since today’s update, and will be addressed as soon as a patch is applicable.   Thank you.  

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