GM Karen LV.17 GameManager
Jul 4, 2020, 03:23 PM 108 read

[Notice] Death Scythe ‘X Slash’ skill error notification


Hello Saviors, this is GM Karen.   Currently, we have identified an issue with the Death Scythe’s signal skill ‘X Slash’, that it does not trigger while the target enemy is in the air, and its causation is currently being investigated upon.   The causation was due to a unrelated development subject, and as a side effect, has caused an unintended change in the Death Scythe’s mechanic.   A subsequent patch will be issued as soon as the issue at hand has been fixed, and its distribution will be disclosed in a further notice.   ================================   Related patch has been scheduled to be issued on   2020.07.04 - 09:00 (UTC) 2020.07.04 - 17:00 (SGT) 2020.07.04 - 19:00 (AEST)   The patch does not require an additional maintenance, and will be applied to the game automatically upon restarting the game.   Thank you.  

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