For beginners

1. Collect all arks
Arks contain skills and a variety of weapons. it is better to open a few ARKS before missions to get more skills and abilities that may aid in difficult circumstances. You can gain various skills in Arks, such as Dash strike, Slam, Shatter, Vortex, Defibrillation and Barrier.

2. Check you weapons in open world first
3. Develop your vehicle
Phoenix has 9 skills that you can develop in order to improve battlefield performances. These can be bought at once to make your car more special, and they don’t exclude each other.
Gatling Gun: quickly fire at enemies.
Safe Mode: increases the damage that the car may take.
Blast: create an energy beam that deactivates nearby shields.
Cruise Missile: automatically aims at the target and launches the missile.
Reinforced Chassis: also increases the damage that the car may take.
Ejector Seat: allows you to jump out of the car quickly.
20MM Cannons: much powerful guns installed on the vehicle.
Hellfire Mortar: mortar which independently attack the target.
Nanotrite Skin: another update that increases the durability of the car.
4. Train and Support Your near bys
You also may level up your allies and companions. Get new skills that can help you during combat and exploration.
5. Search for Balloons
While exploring the map, you may see balloons floating in the air. If you find them, get off the car and shoot them down. Knocking down balloons may get you an achievement, 'Can't Stop Pop' trophy, and it requires you at least shoot down 17 balloons.

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Rage is the Best game and can't wait tell the rage2 comes out

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Rage 2

This game really grabs your attention and it’s hard to put down😂💀Loving It

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Loving This Game😍

What does everyone else think about this game?

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Should I get rage 2


why no deluxe upgrade yet?

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Just curious why this game has LFG lol it has no multiplayer.

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Is it worth it?

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First time let's give this a try!!

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