5-10 Hardship Tips

5-10 Hardship Tips
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5-10 Hardship Tips

Infinite Chaos tips and tricks

As you know, Chaos is the best place generally speaking for farming up some gold and maybe some cards / equipment while you're at it. Here's some things to consider that might help you out next time you're in there.

Tutelar Tanking with Rachel

HP is a resource. This is super relevant when you're wearing a Tutelar helmet. Tutelar can re-trigger every tile. Using this knowledge, you can face-tank a certain amount of damage every fight, saving your tanks a bit of damage and helping them last longer, meaning fewer recasts, meaning more mana to spend on backline. This DOES mean you'll generally be at 20% hp, but you can fall back once your shield is nearly depleted and let your tanks take over. Note that having a shield makes you immune to damage; even 1 HP left on your shield will fully absorb an incoming attack.

Edit: Tutelar does not require you initially be above 20%. If you enter a tile at 10% and take a hit, Tutelar will still activate. Just be careful that the attack doesn't kill you (Gnoll Spear is the primary concern there.)

Evasion tanking an Elite

This is somewhat applicable to campaign as well. Once an opposing melee elite has attacked you, it will be locked onto you until you move too far away, or it gets Stunned/Knocked Back or Up (Fire Rock, Orc Warrior, Valkyrie... etc). You can abuse this by letting it attack you once, then running away. Don't move too far, or it will re-target. But if you stay just close enough it wants to chase you but far enough away it can't hit you, you can neutralize the elite while your team harmlessly disposes of it.

Ambushes, and moving behind the boss

Ambushes are EXTREMELY frequent in Chaos. They are triggered by Rachel moving past invisible lines placed in the field. Knowing this, you might move forward somewhat slowly in order to only trigger one ambush at a time (as ambushes can be very near to eachother.)

One key consideration of this is trying to move behind a boss. Most boss tiles have ~3 ambushes placed behind where the boss spawns. Trying to move behind it is usually very dangerous, sometimes fatal. Don't trigger ambushes until after the boss is dead if you can avoid it.

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Infinite Chaos tips and tricks