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[Event] The Battlefield of Fury ⚔️

  Greetings, Summoners.   Here I would like to inform you about a New Event Content : The Battlefield of Fury.   For more details, please refer to the information below.  

👩‍🏫 What is the Battlefield of Fury?   The Battlefield of Fury is an Event Dungeon which will be opened only for a specific period.   This Event content is a Siege type contents, where you need to destroy the enemy’s Summon Stone while you protect your alley’s Summon Stone.     Defense your Summon Stone by using the summonlings and the Mana & Health chests!     📅 Event Period : Sep 18th (Wed) 16:00 - Sep 25th (Wed) 15:59 (UTC+9)     ◆ How to participate ◆   📌 The icon of the Battlefield of Fury will appear once you clear Campaign Stage 4-5 (Normal difficulty).   📌 However to participate in the event dungeon you need to clear Campaign Stage 5-10(Normal difficulty).     1. You can participate in the event dungeon once you tap the Battlefield of Fury icon from the World Map.

  2. Conquer the stages by reading the information of the sumnmonlings which will appear in each stage. Remember there will be more powerful summonlings coming out as you go to higher stages.

  3. From the upper left side of the corner, you will see how many chances you have left to challenge the Battlefield of Fury. Let’s try to conquer before we run out of chances!

  4. Use the Mana & HP chest and the alley’s summonlings efficiently!! However, be aware that the enemy’s attack will get powerful as the time passes!

  5. If you lost the battle and use all the chances you can challenge, then you will be able to challenge again from the stage you have lost by spending a certain amount of Gems.

  Thank you.

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