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Infinite Chaos

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  【Infinite Chaos】     From this post, we will like to inform you about the Infinite Chaos where you can explore the unlimited chaos and achieve a variety of rewards.     ※ You can play Infinite Chaos after obtaining the "Chaos Compass" during the quest [Main] Relics of Darkness.   1. Infinite Chaos menu

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① Chaos Compass - Touch the icon to enter Infinite Chaos lobby. (Image on the right)   ② Season period - You can check the remaining time of the current season of Infinite Chaos. - Infinite Chaos is season-based and can only be entered when the season is in progress.   ③ Chaos info - You can check the basic rules of Infinite Chaos and the info of each block.   ④ Chaos level - You can choose the Chaos level. Once you're qualified, clearing the previous level will allow you to challenge the next level of Chaos in sequence.   ⑤ Season rules - Different rules are applied to Infinite Chaos in each seasons. Touch the icon to check current season's rules.   ⑥ First-time clear reward - You can check the reward you get after you first clear the selected Chaos level.   ⑦ Enter - Touch "Enter" button to enter the Chaos. This will consume a certain amount of Chaos stones.     2. Infinite Chaos - Movement   - Your Infinite Chaos journey starts from the first floor. The deeper you explore, the more you can encounter events and battles, which grants more rewards.   - Loots from Infinite Chaos must be sent outside the Chaos to be used or stored in your inventory.   - If you do not collect your loots, they will all be lost when you die inside the Chaos.  

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① Infinite Chaos info - The current floor you're located in is shown in this section.   ② Blocks - Chaos exploration starts at the starting block and you can travel one block at a time. - You need more than one [Move Cube] to travel, and the amount needed varies according to the block. - You can still travel even if you don't have enough [Move Cube]. In this case, you will get one stack of random curse every time you travel.   ③ Chaos Goblin - Chaos Goblin offers services below : 1) Export loots outside the Chaos 2) Purchase [Move Cube]   ④ Return to the campaign - Pause Chaos exploration and return to the campaign. You can resume your exploration by touching the Chaos Compass in the campaign menu anytime you want.   ⑤ Details - You can check various information such as troop status, items, Power of Chaos, etc.   ⑥ Season info - You can check the info related to the current season as well as the basic rules of Infinite Chaos.   ⑦ Infinite Chaos currency status - You can check the remaining currencies which you can use in the Infinite Chaos. 1) Move Cube 2) Chaos Coin ※ Check [Infinite Chaos - Battle] part for the details about Chaos coin.     3. Infinite Chaos - Battle   - In Infinite Chaos, your summonlings are maintained on the floor basis, and the mana will not be regenerated automatically.

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① Chaos coin - You can earn [Chaos coin] by defeating an enemy or from special events. You can purchase various bonus effects that give benefits to your Chaos exploration.   ② Power of Chaos - You can purchase [Power of Chaos] by consuming [Chaos Coin] when you open the [Chaos Chest] after winning the battle. (Image on the right) - [Power of Chaos] consists of one-time effects such as HP/mana recovery and permanent buff effects that last until the end of current Chaos exploration. Permanent buff effects are shown as the icons in the image above.   ③ Consumable items slot - During the Chaos exploration, you have a chance to meet a wandering merchant who sells various consumable items for Chaos coins. - Purchased goods from the merchant are stored in this item slot, and you can use them during the battle.   4. Infinite Chaos - Collect - The exploration is finished when you reach the Finishing Block and defeat the elite monster. - In this sequence, you can choose either to take the loots and escape the Chaos or to challenge the next floor. - During this process, unused mana and summonlings will be converted into Chaos coins so that you can use them on the next floor.

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① End the challenge - End the exploration, by escaping the Chaos with all the loots you have collected so far.   ② Challenge the next floor - Challenge the next floor without collecting your loots.       * The game information guided in this post may change due to future updates.            

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