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  【System】     From this post, we will like to inform you about the whole basic System of First Summoner.     【Quests】 - A variety of quests will be guided during the game play. Complete the quests and claim rewards!   1. Receiving quests - Quests are mainly guided through the main scenario of the game or conversations with Renommus NPCs. - Villager requests occur one at a random time.

* Renommus villager requests ① This mark is shown when there is an available request. ② This mark is shown when you have the villager's request in progress. ③ This mark is shown when you have an villager request that you have completed and ready to report.  

① This is the quest menu icon and the number indicates the quest in progress. ② Quests in progress is listed in this section. Tap each quest to check the details. ③ Completed quests are listed in this section. (Excluding villagers' requests)   2. How to proceed with the quest - To proceed with the quest, first you need to accept assignable quests from NPCs.

① Tap the option with a quest icon, and you can check the mission and rewards for the quest. ② Tap "Accept" to proceed with the assigned quest.   3. Quest complete

- Completed quest is shown with the completion icon in the list of "In Progress". ② Go to the NPC who ordered the quest, then you'll be able to see the completion icon. ③ Tap "Receive Reward" to claim the quest rewards.     【Achievements】 - You can obtain achievement scores and titles by constantly achieving challenge missions.

① "Achievement" menu is located in the top right corner of the game main screen. ② The title set after completing achievement missions is shown above your hero's name.

③ The total score of completed achievements is guided on the icon. ④ Tap "Achievement Titles" to change your hero's title from the list of title you have obtained.  

① The titles both obtained or obtainable are listed in this section. ② You can obtain the title once you have completed all the tasks. You can also get benefits from Achievements such as EXP boost, Diamonds, etc.     【Stories】 - The battle of First Summoner is based on the flow of its main story. - Main story consists of various episodes, you can check the specific lists of the Main Story and the Memory Fragments.

① Story button is located in the middle of lobby screen.   [Main story]

② Activated stories are the ones you have already watched. Tap to check the synopsis of each stories.   [Memory Fragment] - Memory Fragment is unlocked each time you awaken your hero.

③ Memory Fragments that have already been completed are shown, and when selected, you can view the corresponding episode.     【Mailbox】 - A variety of items will be sent to your mailbox while enjoying game contents and participating in events. - Each mail has its expiry date, and you cannot claim or open expired mails. * Expired mail and items cannot be recovered. Please check and claim your mail before it expires.

① Mailbox icon is located in the top right corner of the game main screen. ② Tap "Get All” to collect all the attachments in the mailbox, and tap “Delete Read” to remove all the mail that the attachments are already collected. (Mails with remaining attachments will not be removed.) ③ Received mails and attachments are listed in this section. Tap "Receive" to check the mail contents and obtain attached items. ④ Tap "Receive" button to claim attachments of the mail. ⑤ Mail from which the attachment was acquired can be removed by tapping the "Delete" button on the bottom right corner of the mail.     * The game information guided in this post may change due to future updates.

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