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  【Patrol】   From this post, we will like to inform you about the Patrol content where you can earn various items.     The Patrol content will be opened after completing the Frozen Hell stage [2-1]. You can send a patrol party once you complete all stages in the area.     1. Patrol Menu

① You can set the difficulty of the area you wish to send your patrol party.   ② The Patrol slots will be opened once you clear certain stages.   ③ How to set up the patrol party - You can select the cards you want to send to patrol the area. - When you tap the "Auto Setup" button, 6 available cards will be selected automatically. - The required card grade and level for the patrol party will differ by the difficulty of the area. - The cards you select as a patrol party will still be usable in different contents. - The rewards will vary based on the number of stars (◆) you earned from the area.       2. Patrol Progress and Completion

① You can check the former patrol history record.   ② You can check the remaining time and the cards you selected.   ③ Once the Patrol is completed, you can check the rewards you have obtained.     【 Chaos Patrol 】 • The Chaos Patrol will be available once you clear all floors of the Chaos level 4.   1. Patrol Menu

① Send Patrol - You can patrol the highest level of Chaos you have cleared, by using 5 Chaos Stones. - Unlike the World Map Patrolling system, there is no need to organize the patrol party. - The Chaos Floors, which the party will patrol will be selected randomly.     2. Patrol Progress and Completion

① You can check the remaining time to complete the Patrol.   ② You can check the obtained loot.     * The game information guided in this post may change due to future updates.  

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