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  【Battle】   From this post, we would like to inform you about how to prepare the battle and fight.     1. Battle Preparation

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① Stage info - Enemies information and obtainable loots are listed in this section. - Tap Equipments/Materials/Card button for the specific details of obtainable loots.   ② Completion Reward - Golds and EXPs obtained as a completion reward are listed in this section.   ③ Current card in use - List of cards which current hero has equipped is shown in this section. - Tap Item/Card button to change your Item & Card settings.   ④ Enter - Tap "Enter" button to start the battle.     2. How to fight   The main goal of the battle is to defeat all the enemies. Control your hero, cast spell cards and summon various summonlings to win the battle.  

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① Currencies and items obtained during the battle are shown in this section. ② When you target an enemy, its HP and info are shown in this section.   ③ Highest score / remaining time - The score obtained in each stage will be converted into stars(◆), shown in this section. - Remaining battle time of the stage is also shown in this section.   ④ Stage progress, your current position and enemy info are shown in this section.   ⑤ Mana - Your current mana is shown in this section. - Mana automatically regenerates over time. You can also obtain mana by defeating an enemy or destroying an object.   ⑥ Card info - Cards' info such as mana cost is shown in this section. - Touch activated cards to spawn summonlings or cast the spell. - Unavailable cards due to lack of mana or cooldown will be deactivated.   ⑦ Summonlings - Spawned summonlings will help your hero throughout the entire battle in the stage. - Each summonlings has their own HP, and it will vanish when it loses all its health.   ⑧ Hero - Your main character, the hero is shown in this section. - You can control your hero to move or attack enemies by touching the screen.   ⑨ Enemy - These are your enemies. They attack your hero and summonlings. - Touch an enemy to target and attack manually. - When an enemy is in the attack range, your hero will automatically target and attack the nearest enemy.   ⑩ Option & Quests - Button on the right is the button which you can access the options menu. - You can use various options such as sound and control adjustments, and retreat. - Tap the left button to check quests in progress.       * The game information guided in this post may change due to future updates.

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