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World Map

First Summoner: Game Guide - World Map image 41

  【World Map】   From this post, we would like to inform you about the World Map which is you can experience the Main Story of First Summoner.    

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① Difficulty - You can check the difficulty. - Once you complete the whole area from one difficulty, the next difficulty will be opened.  

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- You can change the difficulty by tapping the image above.     ② World Map Details - You can see the whole areas of the World Map - Each area consists of 10 levels. - Once you complete all 10 stages from one area, the next area will be opened.     ③ Details of the Area - You check the stages contained in this area. - Each area has 10 stages, and the next stage will open once you clear the former stage. - There will be a special reward when you clear the Boss Stage (Stage 10). * You can challenge the Boss again, 24 hours after you complete the Boss stage. - Occasionally, a hidden stage where you can earn extra special rewards will open.     ④ Trial Chest - The Trial quest will appear once you clear the Campaign Stage [2-10] (Normal). - You can open the chest by collecting the chest key.

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  - You can get more Trial quest when you clear more Campaign Stages. - You can enter the stage when you select the Trial from the Trial List. - There are 2 types of Trial Quests: + Normal Trial Quest where you can clear from the campaign stages, + Dark Rift Trial Quest where you need to clear the boss stages. Once you clear the mission you can get the key to open the Trial Chest.  

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- The mission will be renewed after a certain time, once you finish the mission. Otherwise, you can also use a certain amount of Diamonds to renew the mission straight away. - You can give up the trial mission by tapping the X button on the top right side of the pop-up window. New mission will be given after a certain time.       * The game information guided in this post may change due to future updates.

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