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  【Card】   From this post, we would like to inform you about how you can collect and use the cards you need for battle.   1. How to earn cards

① You can buy new cards from the Renommus Village's Card Shop.   ② Card of the Day - Card of the Day will be renewed every 24 hours and you only have 1 chance to buy them. - Card of the Day slots will be opened based on the favorability with NPC Lune.   ③ Summon Book - If you buy a Summon Book you will get cards based on the probability. - Selection Summon Book slot will be available after you clear stage [5-10]. * You need to wait a certain time to buy the Selection Summon Book again.

④ There is a certain chance that you may get unsealed cards as a reward after clearing each stage from the World Map. * Sealed Cards: You can unseal the cards when you clear the World Map stages

⑤ You can also get cards from the Dark Pub inside the Guild Menu. * You can not use the Dark Pub if you do not belong to a Guild.     2. Card Menu   1) Cards you are currently using

① You can check the average amount of Mana which your current selected cards will use.   ② You can save up to 3 sets of cards for the World Map stages.   2) How to change cards

③ Select the card which you want to use and press the [Use] button.   ④ Before you change the card, you can see the detailed information about the card you selected.   ⑤ You can pick a slot you would like to put the selected card.   * You can also check the card details which you do not have.   3) How to enhance your card

⑥ Select the card you would like to enhance and press the "Level Up" button.   ⑦ To level up a card, you need to have several identical cards, and the number of cards required for each level of enhancement varies.   ⑧ You can check the changed card details before you level up the card.     * The game information guided in this post may change due to future updates.  

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