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Main menu

  【Main menu】     - You can enjoy main contents from the main menu listed on the bottom of the screen.

  1. Hero

① User Info : You can check your account details and your Clan name.   ② Notice : You can check recent notices and on-going events.   ③ Hero info - Armor icon : Tap this icon to enter hero's costume shop. You can also check the previews of each costume. - Story : You can enjoy the story of the Dark Rift and your Hero. - Tap ? to check your hero's ability and status in details.   ④ Consumable items slot : In this slot, you can set consumable items which you can use during the battle.   ⑤ Items & Cards : You can check and adjust your current item and card settings. - Items : Tap here to gear up your hero. - Cards : Tap here to set your card deck.     2. Renommus - Renommus is a village with a variety of shops and workshops.

① Card Store - Card of the Day will be renewed every 24 hours and you can buy them only once a day. - If you buy a Summon Book you will get cards based on the probability.   ② Alchemy Shop - Here you can craft potions or materials used in crafting equipments. - Craft materials can be obtained from World Map areas.   ③ Workshop - You can craft, modify, dismantle equipments. - Craft materials and schematics can be obtained from World Map areas.   ④ Gem Store - You can purchase Gold and Diamond. - You can convert Gold Fragment into Gold.   ⑤ Favorability

1) NPCs' favorability will increase as you complete their requests or use their shops. 2) You can get special advantages according to their favorability. Tap the heart icon to check the details.     3. World Map - Tap the stage in each area to start the battle.

- In this screen, you can use main contents such as campaign, patrol, Infinite Chaos, etc.     4. Snake's Battlefield - This is the content which you can enjoy 1:1 PvP with your attack/defense party you've set in advance.

① League - Tap the snake sign to find out the detailed info about your current league.   ② Season Ranking - You can check both previous and current season ranking of Snake's Battlefield.   ③ Match Record - You can check the history of attack&defense.   ④ Reward Chest - You can open a reward chest by gathering certain amount of Dark Medal.   ⑤ Attack/Defense - Tap "Attack" to set up your attack party before you attack your opponent. - Tap "Defense" to set up your defence party to defend from other summoner's attacks.     5. Clan - Here you can check contents related to the Clan system.

① Clan info - You can check your clan's name and total acheivement score of your clan members.   ② Clan chat - You and your clan members can chat in this section, and system messages such as clan registeration are also shown in this section.   ③ Clan office - You can administer your clan or check clan info here.   ③ Pub of Darkness - You can play a mini game and get rewards.   ⑤ Training Ground - Through combat training, you can obtain Medals and exchange them with rewards.   * The game information guided in this post may change due to future updates.

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