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May 30, 2019, 11:22 AM 308 read

How to install and create an account

  【How to install】     - Go to Google Play Market or Apple App Store and search 'First Summoner' and press the [Install] button. - Please check the following details about the minimum specification.   * The details of the minimum specification of the game may change due to future updates.

① You can start the game after agreeing with the essential agreements.   ② After pressing the Start button, a pop-up window will inform you about downloading the additional data before starting the game.   ③ We highly recommend you to download the additional data with a good WiFi connection, rather than LTE data.     【How to create an account】

① You can select Facebook / Google / Apple Game Center / Guest Login to start with a new game account.   * Please note that there is a possibility that you can lose your account if you start the game as a Guest Player.   (We highly recommend you to link your account with your Facebook / Google / Apple Game Center account.)

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