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[Notice] Feb 27th Maintenance [Finished]

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  Greetings Summmoners. This is First Summoner Team.   I would like to inform you that the maintenance will be held on Feb 27th (Thu).  

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  📌 Feb 27th Maintenance Notice   📅 Schedule 📌 Feb 27th (Thu) 13:00 - 17:00 (UTC+9, Approx. 4 hours) ※ You may not enter the game while maintenance is in process.   【Please note】 - To apply the changes, you must update the game through the Market after the maintenance. - For guest users, please be aware that your game details may be removed when you uninstall or update the game. We highly recommend securing your account by linking it with a certain platform. - The former Snake's Battlefield replay might not be able to be replayed after the maintenance.  

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[Details]   📌 Hero   - Hero MAX level will be expanded to level 66.   - Level up reward for reaching Lv.61 to Lv.66 will be newly added.     📌Campaign   - New campaign map "Plagued Castle" will be opened. - Summoners who cleared all Despair difficulty stages can go to the new map. - Parched Waterway and Corrupt Village will be added through a future update.     📌Challenge   - 7th Stage for the Gold / Equipment / Card Dungeons will be added.     📌 Patrol   - Chance for finishing the Chaos Patrol instantly will be limited by 3 chances per day.     📌Card   - 3 new cards will be added. - Polymorph / Evil Force / Flame Armor     📌Infinite Chaos   - New Stage 13 and 14 will be added to Infinite Chaos. -You can get Tier 8 Equipment from Infinite Chaos stage 13 and 14. - The Infinite stage will be available after clearing Infinite Chaos stage 14 post update.     📌 Equipment   - New Tier 8 Equipment will be added.   - Tier 8 Equipment with special options will be added.   - 3 New Legendary Equipment will be added. - Almighty Bow / Necklace of Hatred / Ring of Hatred   - The estimated stats when the equipment is Max leveled will be shown by pressing the [?] icon.     📌Snake's Battlefield   - Snake's Battlefield UI design will be complemented.   - New reward chest will be added. - Statue of Battle and the Guardian Statue card will be obtainable from the new chest. - Potion Chest and the Battlefield chest will be randomly obtainable. A higher tier chest will be obtainable from a higher rank.   - Attack tickets will be purchasable with a certain amount of Diamonds.   📌Costume and Skin   - 2 New card skin will be added. - Valkyrie / Succubus - The new card skin can be purchased from the Special Shop.   - Rachel's New Costume : Wind Song will be added. - You can obtain this costume as the final reward from the Wind Festival Event.     📌Product   - Listed items will be purchasable from the Black Market. - Tier 8 Legendary Equipment Chest - Tier 8 Special Legendary Recipe     📌Fixed Bug and Complemented Issues   - The error which happened from the Infinite Chaos will be fixed. - There was an issue that occasionally the generated prison was blocking the way.   - The expiry date of already expired mails which contained previous level-up rewards will be extended after the maintenance. - This issue will only be applied to those who had not received the previous level-up reward due to Mail date expiration.   - The issue which happened when receiving the Spoils of Victory reward chest will be complemented  

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  Thank you.  

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