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[Notice] Jan 30th Maintenance (Revised & Finished)

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  Greetings Summoners. This is First Summoner Team.   I would like to inform you that the maintenance will be held on January 30th (Thu).

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📌 Jan 30th Maintenance Notice   📅 Schedule 📌 Jan 30th (Thu) 12:00 - 17:00 (UTC+9, Approx. 5 hours) 📌 (Extended) : Jan 30th (Thu) 12:00 - 17:30 (UTC+9, Approx. 5 hours 30min.) ※ You may not enter the game while maintenance is in process.   【Please note】 - To apply the changes, you must need to update the game through the Market after the maintenance. - For guest users, please be aware that your game details may be removed when you uninstall or update the game. We highly recommend securing your account by linking it with a certain platform. - The former Snake's Battlefield replay might not be able to be replayed after the maintenance.      

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📌 1 Brass Card Chest will be sent to your Mailbox as a Compensation for extended maintenance.  

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[Details]   📌Hero   - Hero level-up reward will be added. * For those, who already leveled up the hero before the update, the reward will be sent to your Mailbox after the update.   - Hero awakening system will be removed. * The appearance for each awakening level will be provided as a separate costume. * You will collect the character's story once you reach character level 10, 20, 30, 40, 50.   - The basic stats for each level will be changed. * HP / Mana / ATK   - The acquired EXP for reaching each level will be changed.   - The UI for checking the details of the hero and equipping equipment will be moved to the Equipment Tab.     📌Campaign   - The obtainable amount of EXP from each campaign stages will be changed.   - The first-time clear reward will be added after the update. * The first-time clear rewards for already cleared Campaign stages will be sent to your Mailbox after the update.   - The Hidden stages will be removed, and will not appear from the World Map.   - The reward for Campaign stage stars will be changed. * Please note, if you do not collect the Campaign Star rewards before the update, then you will receive the changed rewards after the update.     📌Challenge   - Brand New Raid contents "The Scorching Valley" will be added. For the details please refer to this link below.

  * A total of three summoners will co-operate to conquer the Giant Dragon from the Scorching Valley. * The Scorching Valley will be opened every Saturday at 16:00 (UTC+9) for only 24 hours. * Inviting function for the Raid content will be added through future update.   - Daily Dungeons where you can obtain Gold/ Equipment / Card will be newly added.   📅 Daily Dungeon Schedule

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* There is a total of 6 stages in each Daily Dungeons, and there is a level limit for each difficulty. * You can challenge the Daily Dungeon one time, and the chance will be reset at 16:00 (UTC+9) every day.     📌Patrol   - Obtainable rewards will be changed.   -You will only get Diamonds and cards as rewards and not be able to get materials and equipments.   - You do not need to place cards to set a patrol party. - You can get Victory Medals when you complete Chaos Patrol.     📌Clan   - The Clan NPC will be removed, and the current clan menu will be simplified.   - The lucky wheel which was available from the Pub of Darkness will be moved to the shop menu.   - The whole UI design of the Clan menu will be changed as the menu will be simplified after the update.   - Contents, where you can obtain Victory Medals, will be added: completing Chaos Patrol, opening Quest Chests.     📌Spoils of Victory   - You will not be able to collect the Victory Medals from World Map Campaign stages. * The Victory Medals are collectible from Infinite Chaos, Snakes Battlefield and etc.   - The Victory Medals will be continuously collectible after reaching the level 5 chest during the Spoils of Victory season.   - After reaching level 5 chest, the season Clan ranking will be counted based on the number of Victory Medals your Clan gathered.   - Three more chests will be added and will be given to the Clan which reached the Top 50. * 1st: Champion Spoils of Victory Chest * 2nd - 10th: Top 10 Spoil of Victory Chest * 11th - 50th: Top Spoils of Victory Chest     📌Card   - The Card MAX level will change, and the acquired amount of cards and Gold will also change. *

  - Three New Cards will be added. *

    📌 Infinite Chaos   - The Chaos Stone system will be changed. Please refer to the information below for further details.   * Required Chaos Stone(s) to enter the Infinite Chaos : (Current) : 5 > (Changed) : 1 * The maximum amount of Chaos Stones you could hold will be changed. (Current) : 20 > (Changed) : 4 * You can get 1 Chaos Stone in every 12 hours when you have less than 4 Chaos Stones. * The current Chaos Stones will not be valid after the update. It will be changed to items that could be sold.   - The first time clear reward for each floor will change.  

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- The chest you can get when defeating the Elite monsters from the Infinite Chaos will change due to Infinite Chaos renewal.   - The Infinite Chaos season system will be removed, and all users will have their own map. The negative events which you can meet while challenging the destiny blocks will be removed.   - You will get all the loots you get from the Infinite Chaos even you give up or lost from the battle. * The Goblin Premium Service will be removed. Infinite Floor will be opened when you finish conquering Chaos XII. * From the Infinite Floor, you can get Tier 7 equipments, Equipment Recipes with special options and etc.   - After the update Chaos stages will be opened based on your Hero Level rather than the stages you clear from the World Map Campaign.   - The obtainable rewards from each Chaos stages will change as the list below.

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* You can get Cards, Gold, EXP and Soul Stones from all Chaos stages.     📌Shop   - The shop menu will be simplified and the current functions you can do with the NPC will be removed. (Conversation and Friendship point)   - The Equipment crafting UI design will be complemented, so you can check the details of the recipes even you do not have.   - The name of the Secret shop will change to the Black Market, and you can use it at all times.   - You can purchase the items from the Black Market only with Diamonds.   - You will get at least 1 equipment recipe when you refresh the purchasable items in Black Market.   - A Package shop where you can purchase various packages will be newly added.   - The cards you can get from the wheel will change as listed below. 25% Slots: Common and Uncommon Cards x3 15% Slots: Common and Uncommon Cards x5 10% Slots: Common, Uncommon and Rare Cards x3     📌 Equipment   - New Tier 3 -7 equipment with special options will be added.   - New set equipment : The Hood of Disaster, The Boots of Disaster will be added. You can only obtain these equipment from the Chaos Infinite Stage.   - The basic stats, MAX level, and required exp to level up will be changed.   - You can only use upgrade stones to upgrade the equipment.   - The required Hero level for some equipment will be changed.   - The required materials for some equipment will be changed.   - The Equipment Modification options will be changed as listed below. Random Select > Select among 8 (Consume Gold) Select among 5 > Select among 8 (Consume Diamonds, 1 Epic option guaranteed) Select among 8 > Select among 3 (Consume Diamonds, 3 Epic options guaranteed)   - You have 5 modify chances for each equipment.   - You will not get Element Cubes but obtain craft materials when dismantling equipment.   - 50% of the EXP that went to upgrade equipment will be returned as Upgrade Stones when you dismantle equipment that has been upgraded. * The Upgrade Stone will not be returned if the return amount of the EXP is lower than the Common Upgrade Stone.   - Appraising function which you can do for Epic and Legendary Equipment will be removed.   - The Shock Ring's effect will be changed as follows: when the effect is activated large summonlings will not be pushed away.   - You can skip the equipment upgrade effect.     📌Item   - Upgrade stones will not obtainable from the Card chests after the update.   - The obtainable amount of potions from the Potion Chest will be changed.   - Material Chest will be removed.   - Health Potion (M)'s healing amount will change as below: (Current) 8,000 > (Changed) 5,000     📌Snake's Battlefield   - The Season reward and attack (Win) reward will change to Diamonds. For the details please refer to the link provided below. >

  - Continue function will be added, when you win or lose from the battle.   - The charging time for the Snake's Battlefield Ticket will be changed. (Current) 1 hour > (Changed) 2 hours   - The acquired amount of Medal to open the Chest of Darkness will equally change to 9 Medals.   - The required amount of Trophy to get to the Season League will be changed. (Current) 3,500 > (Changed) 3,000     📌 Achievement   - The Achievement will be rebalanced due to the in-game content update. For further details please refer to the information below. >

- As the Achievement will be re-balanced, you can get the achievement rewards again for the previously completed achievements after the update. * The rewards will be given based on the renewed amount.       📌 Quest   - Story, request, and awakening quests will be removed.   - The Trial system will be removed.   - Daily Quest will be newly added. * You will have a total of 6 Quests every day. * The quests will be given randomly based on your Campaign Stages and Hero level. * Once you finish one quest you will get a reward and a Chest key to open the Quest Chest. * Every day you will have1 free chance to change a quest mission. After the 1 free chance, you can use a certain amount of Diamonds to refresh a mission. The Daily quest missions and the Quest Chest will be refreshed every 16:00 (UTC+9).     📌Costume and Skin   - New Card Skin will be added. * New Skin Summonlings: Halberd Viking, Elder Wizard, Skeleton Sniper * You can purchase the card skins from the Special Shop.   - Rachel's new costume "Flame Breath" will be added.     📌Product   - The Dark Summon Book will be renewed. * If you have remaining mileage, after the update only half of the mileage will remain (up to 4). * Ex) If you had 9 mileage before the update, then only 4 mileage will remain after the update.   - You can get 1 Stated Legendary Bonus Card when you purchase the Dark Summon Book 5 times.   * You can check the specific details of the change from this notice below. >

  - The name of the Lune's Summon Book will change to Summon Book of Balance. MAX Mana package will be added. * You can get MAX Mana at the beginning of the battles for 7 days. (Infinite Chaos and Snake's Battlefield excluded.)   - New Package products will be added. Challenge Package Columbus Package Rachel's Level-up Package Daily Diamond Package Daily Gold Package Mana Package Premium Diamond Package 1 & 2 Premium Gold Package 1 & 2 Special Diamond Package 1 & 2 Special Gold Package 1 & 2   - The following package products will be removed. Monthly Diamond Pack 1 & 2 Weekly Diamond Pack 1 & 2 Monthly Gold Pack 1 & 2 Weekly Gold Pack 1 & 2   - The price of the Legendary Equipment Chest which you can purchase from the Black Market (Secret Shop) will be changed. Tier 3: (Current) 600 > (Changed) 300 Tier 4: (Current) 900 > (Changed) 800 Tier 5: (Current) 1,000 > (Changed) 1,500 Tier 6: (Current) 2,200 > (Changed) 2,400 Tier 7: (Current) 3,000 > (Changed) 3,600     📌Card Balance

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📌Bug Fixed   - Lightning effect display error which happened occasionally when using Lightning Demon will be complemented.   - This error will be complemented: The enemy's Vital Ghost sometimes healed ally units.   - This display error will be complemented: An abnormal effect happening when moving summonlings.   - This display error will be complemented: The summoning effect sometimes was displayed in a different area.   - This error will be complemented: Occasionally, the Monkey King's Clone was summoned where Rachel is.  

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Thank you.

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