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[Notice] 2020 Upcoming Update Sneak peek 👀

First Summoner: Notice -  [Notice] 2020 Upcoming Update Sneak peek 👀	 image 1

  Greetings Summoners.   🎊 Happy New Year everyone! 🎊   First, our First Summoner team would like to thank you all for your lovely support toward our game through the last 2019!   To thank you all we would like to inform you of a short sneak peek of our upcoming update!   This 2020, First Summoner will be updated under the theme "Challenge"! From this post, I would slightly introduce the bits and parts of 2020 upcoming update!   * Please note that the introduced contents may be changed or differ during the update.  

First Summoner: Notice -  [Notice] 2020 Upcoming Update Sneak peek 👀	 image 3

  📌 New Challenge   ⚔️ The Scorching Valley (Raid content) ⚔️   - Thank you for waiting so long! Our first raid content which you all had been waiting, will be added during the 2020 update!   "The king of Fire has descended. You must join the forces with others to defeat the giant dragon. Vanquish the dragon to get the Scorching Gear. "   - Conquer the King of Fire and equip the Raid limited equipment!     📍 Special Challenge 📍   - We have prepared special challenges where you can obtain various items and in-game currencies.   - We prepared all sorts of dungeons, so please feel free to enjoy the challenge! Hope you like it!     📍 Daily Challenge 📍   - Daily Dungeon will be opened!   - From the Daily Dungeon, you can get various Cards, Equipment and in-game currency.       📌 New Card   New Cards will be added through the 2020 update!   📍 Fallen Angel 📍 - The new Legendary card "Fallen Angel" is a ground summonling card who once was a holly angel then fallen as he was corrupted by darkness and death.   📍 Orc Blade 📍 - The new Epic card "Orc Blade" is a ground assassin who attacks secretly and swiftly.   📍 Rage 📍 - The last new Epic card is a magic spell card which berserks your alliance.   ※ The further details of these new cards will be noticed through a separate notice post.       📌 New Card Skin   Through the 2020 Update, three kinds of new card skin will be added. Guess which cards will get a new appearance!   📍 Lady Sniper 📍 "Once you hear the bang, say your prayers. Oh... You'd already be dead by then, huh?"   📍 Princess Wizard 📍 "Everything will be fine, as long as I have my book. Now, what page was that spell on?"   📍 Halberd Kid 📍 "Watch your feet! That is if you want to keep them"     📌 Store Renewal   The Stores inside the world of First Summoner will be renewed. From the renewed store you will be able to purchase or use the function more easily and directly than before.   📍 Card Store 📍 - You can purchase various card packs and also various special packages from the renewed Card Store.   - Ps. I have heard there is another special deal happening from this card store.... I wonder what it is....     📍 Blacksmith workshop 📍 - From the renewed Workshop you will be able to craft/modify/dismantle equipment more easily than before.     📍 Alchemy Shop 📍 - From the renewed Alchemy Shop you can make various materials and buy Mana & HP Potions much easier than before.   - Furthermore, you will be able to extract Gold Fragments from the Alchemist Shop.     📍 Special Store 📍 - From this new Special Store you will be able to purchase Card Skins which you can apply to the summonling cards.   - Furthermore do not miss the Lucky Wheel you used to spin from the Pub of Darkness. After the update, you can spin the Wheel for free once every day from the Special Store.     📌Complemented Convenience Function   📍 Main Screen 📍 - The UI design of the Main Screen will be complemented.   - From the upgraded Main Screen you can find it much simpler and straight forward than before.     📍 Optimization 📍 - We have worked especially hard on this part!   - Based on the suggestions and error report we have received from you all, we had done our very best to optimize the game for more devices and Summoners to enjoy First Summoner without minor problems which happened before.     📍 Costume 📍 - For those, who were waiting to equip the former awakening costume, now you can equip the awakening costume whenever you want after earning it through the game!     📍 Easier Entry Barrier for New Summoners 📍 - The World Map difficulty will be complemented and will be slightly easier for those New Summoners, who were struggling while conquering the Normal and Hardship difficultly.     📍 Contents, where to obtain in-game currency, will be simplified 📍 - To reduce the game-play fatigue while playing the game, we decided to simplify the contents where you can earn in-game currency.     📍 Equipment upgrade and modification will be complemented 📍 - Based on the suggestions we have received, the equipment strengthening and modifying system will be complemented.    

First Summoner: Notice -  [Notice] 2020 Upcoming Update Sneak peek 👀	 image 5

※ The further details of each update will be announced through a separate notice post. ※ Please note that the details of this update content may change or differ during the 2020 actual update.     Please look forward to our 2020 First Summoner and other more contents which will be updated soon!   Happy New Year everyone! 🎉 Thank you.    

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