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Oct 15, 2019, 11:05 AM 7,270 read

[Notice] Introducing the New Summonling Card : Lightning Demon ⚡

  Greetings Summoners.   This is Lune from the Card Store.   From this post, I would like to introduce our new Summonling card, the Lightning Demon! This Summonling card will be newly added through our October Update.   For more details about the card, please refer to the information stated below.  

🆕 NEW! Lightning Demon Legendary Card Added! 🆕   High demon who uses the power from the god of thunder came to the world of First Summoner.   The Lightning Demon can attack multiple enemies with their frightening thunder! 🌩️

▶ Please note that there is a chance that the details of the card may change during the update.     🗝️ Key Points   - You can summon the Lightning Demon with 10 Mana Cost. - The Lightning Demon can attack both ground and airborne enemies! - They can attack Max 5 enemies so you can use them in any content! - The enemies who have been attacked by the Lightning Demon will get a short stun. - You need to watch out those enemies who attack powerfully from the back because the Lightning Demon can’t move that fast!  

  * Please be aware that this image and details may change during the update.   Thank you ⚡  

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