FirstSummoner FirstSummoner LV.16 GameManager
Oct 15, 2019, 10:32 AM 374 read

[Notice] Abnormal User Restriction Notice🚫

  Greetings, Summoners   To provide a fair and just game environment, we are constantly monitoring and inspecting any abnormal play through the detection system.   We have caught 8 users’ abnormal play and enforced game play restriction for a certain time period. For the restriction details and the user list, please refer to the following information below.  

🚫 Game Ban (30 Days)

Total 8   Please note that any unauthorized acts such as using any illegal programs or game hacks, abusing system faults, will cause restriction on the gameplay according to terms of services.     We will constantly do our best to provide a fair and better game environment.   Thank you.

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