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How To DIY Jewelry Box


Are you looking for beautiful and the world’s finest chocolate packaging boxes as well to store yummy chocolates? At Kali Printing we delicate manufacturing chocolate gift boxes with luxury packaging, food-grade material, durable printing and solid box. Wholesale for custom chocolate boxes for valentine’s, birthday and Christmas with factory direct prices, perfect for all your demands. If you have nothing to do during the rest time, then DIY heart-shaped chocolate box to transform a beautiful jewelry box.  

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    Things You Need For DIY Jewelry Box Chocolate box   Wrapping paper   cardboard   Paper tape   Double-sided tape   Ballpoint pen   scissors   White paper     DIY Jewelry Box Packaging Method/Step 1 Prepare the tools and materials needed to make the jewelry box.   2 Place the bottom of the chocolate box on white paper, and use a ballpoint pen to draw a heart shape on the white paper along the edge.   3 Use scissors to cut the heart shape on the white paper, and then paste the double-sided tape on the bottom of the chocolate box to cover the dirty chocolate marks.   4 Put the prepared wrapping paper on the table, draw a heart shape on the wrapping paper with the lid of the box, and cut it out with scissors. Then stick the double-sided tape on the surface of the box, and glue the cut wrapping paper into a heart shape.   5 Cut the cardboard into thin strips with scissors, and then use paper tape to paste the inside of the box to make a partition.   6 After the partition is done, put your own DIY jewelry tools in, which is great.   7 Find a beautiful decoration and stick it on the surface of the box with double-sided tape. The beautiful heart-shaped jewelry box is complete.        

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    Do you happen to have a video tutorial on this topic? It's just a lot more convenient for me to watch and repeat. For how many hours did you make such a box? It's just that Valentine's Day is coming up, and I'd like to give my girlfriend the diamond earrings, I ordered it at I want to give them to her in an original way. For this reason, I want to make a box myself. It's just that the problem is that I can't do anything with my hands. I can't even cut geometric shapes.