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How About Tiles Of Hanseceramictile In China?


HANSECERAMICTILE(https://www.hanseceramictile.com/), as a leading brand in the industry, has attracted consumers' attention and recognition. HANSE Ceramics is a brand under the New Pearl Ceramics Group. After restructuring, merger and expansion, the construction of large-scale specialized production bases and the development of a national regional distribution network, from small factories to bigger and stronger, it has become an important part of China's building and sanitary ceramics industry. One of the large, modern, and collectivized business groups.   1.Hanseceramictile brings new styles of ceramic tiles to consumers, has always attached great importance to the development of new products. And constantly absorb new ceramic tile factors, at the same time in the manufacture of ceramic tiles in the strict quality control process of the product. Not only are there very strict internal standards for control. Even the employee and product requirements far exceed the European standards. This ceramic tile brand is therefore not only welcomed by our people, but is also sold in Europe, the United States and other developed countries. There are now more than 60 nations that sell this brand. It should be noted that the national standards of the European and American countries and the quantity requirements for products are more stringent, so that the market for hanse ceramic tiles is very broad, which is sufficient to demonstrate that the quality is very good. 2.The ceramic tile Hanse has good quality, no color, good hardness, density and glossiness. It has the features of ultra-fine powder tiles, good resistance to wear, high strength and low absorption of water. It is a lengthy history of product development and is popular among adults. In the appearance of the product, the three-dimensional effect of the product is more prominent and nearer to the natural stone. 3. Hanse ceramic clean production practice, dedicated to energy conservation and reduction of emissions, waste recovery implementation, to achieve zero discharge of waste water. Moreover, all Hanse products have been continuously tested in different periods by national institutions and have been striving to comply with the environmental protection requirements. The products under Hanse are therefore class-a-product products. 4.Hanse ceramic tile is very safe and does not harm radioactive components' health, on the contrary, long-term use will not harm the human body, but will bring a good experience of life. Thousands of tons of hydraulic press are pressed onto the polished brick and then sintered at a high temperature greater than 1200 °C, with high strength and bending resistance; the brick is thinner and lighter than other bricks. It decreases the floor's weight and protects your safety indirectly.

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