Kyle Oglesby LV.7 Nomad
Jan 6, 2019, 03:09 PM 117 read

Need teammates to play with on a daily basis

Im a legit 2k player that will play with anyone I have two accounts that I play 2k19 on. One is Pur3R3ap3rMLG which I have a 89 shot creating playmaker and then a 79 post scoring stretch I’m an amateur 2 about to be a amateur 3 in park. My other account is iGoofyAF-_- and I have a shotcreating sharp on it that is a 91 I’m a amateur 2 about to be a amateur 3 but don’t let the amateur status fool you I’m a great player with incredible IQ. My records aren’t as good as they could be because since I have nobody that’s plays team ball to play with I just go to ante up and do 1v1 which I am good at most of my wins are in ante up but most of my loses are from sweeties that jump on the 1v1 court with a pure post scorer. You know those type of people. If your ever down to play just add either one of my accounts

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