Astro Fleming Astro Fleming LV.3 Lurker
Dec 7, 2018, 02:32 PM 143 read

Best Hidden Build that most wouldn't attempt to create.

I have a 6"5 SG postscoring shot creator. Yes I could have made him taller but I wanted that 6'5 speed. This comes with damn near every major offensive badge 5 HOF 5 GOLD 10 silver and 5 bronze. Silver is including limitless range and deep range dead eye. Maxing in the 90s in mid-range, high 80s in the post ,mid 70s at the three point line, and defense is on point if you know how to play it. Finesse game is on 100 and most other SG in the game cater to offense so once you post them up they become your B Word. ASTROTHEAHOLE on PSN get at me

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