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NBA 2K: General - 2K CLAN FOR ANYONE🥳 image 1

Over the years there have been people that are either just ass at 2k, negative records, good players but ball Hogs, players who have IQ, players who only run with 90+ overall people, and Etc. Many people don’t always have someone to run with or someone to play with and that’s when the OMG CLAN COMES INTO PLAY🥳. The OMG CLAN is open for anyone so no one gets left out. It’s no try outs or 1v1’s just a good ole time with friends. Once joining the clan the more it’ll grow giving every player the chance to play with another clan member!! Not only is it supposed to help many 2K players but help some people make friends along the way👏🏾 So if your interested message me on psn, Twitter, or Instagram. Have a blessed future OMG MEMBERS 🥳🥳🌏🌏🌏 Psn: OmggKay Twitter: OmggKay Insta: OmggKay

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