I need a good stretch

LV.22 Wolf 11d

Need money coins to upgrade my player fast

Anybody want to play in my park with me as a team
Game tag Ladyfrappe97

LV.2 Lurker 11d


So is anyone else not getting mypoints or badge points, whole day and a half later and it is still messed up, done played like 5 games and 10 parks and still nothing, can I get that please Ronnie !!!!!

LV.2 Lurker 11d

Any pure lockdowns out there on ps4. Add me : JoHurlock

90 shot creator.

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NBA 2k20 gameshare

I have a 2k20 acc on xbox I will gameshare with you and I have a legend edition 2k20 on ps4

Price-15 dollar xbox card for a gameshare on xbox
Price-25 dollar xbox giftcard for ps4 legend edition

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Smh 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

What do you do when everybody is trash this year!?!?

LV.6 Nomad 11d

Looking for ps4 players

Looking for a good Center my guy is 86 shooting guard LETS BALL must have a mic HMU PS4 ONLY ADD Lex_np215

LV.20 Shotcaller 11d

Bc glitch

Free vc glitch

Xbox gt: isplxzh buckets

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LV.5 Lurker 11d

Another Vid For You Guys🔥‼️

If You Wanna Play Add My Psn-YT_ThatBoiiJay

LV.6 Nomad 11d


ima 83 overall scoring machine 6’5 if you tryna run dm me

LV.3 Lurker 11d



LV.11 Chief 11d

who wanna run 2k20 mypark. I’m a center you gotta be good and have IQ.

Ps4 only
Right Now jump on the game

LV.4 Lurker 11d

I’m on Xbox I have a stretch 4 look for some ppl to run with in park and just overall badge grind

LV.4 Lurker 11d

Looking for two to run park a big and a point I’m a 3 lvl scorer

LV.3 Lurker 11d

Anytips for A Pf on what to do to get a good amount of Playmaking points for the badges ???

LV.3 Lurker 11d

Ps4 account for sale ‼️💀

HMU PSN CloutxElite Instagram @playboii_.daniel

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Me and the homie looking for players to run with in rec I'm a pro 1

Drop archetype

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How to use the NBA 2K20 Face Scan app

1. In the app's console features tab, sign in with your PSN, Xbox Live, Nintendo or Steam account depending on your platform of choice. Tapping the logo takes you to a sign-in page.
2. After signing in, you should see a screen that says "Connected with" followed by the logo of your platform.
3. Above that is a button to Face Scan. Tap that button to begin the process.
4. Select the option to use your rear camera (if feasible) and Begin Scan.
5. Turn your head to the left and right in 30-degree increments as dictated by the on-screen prompts. When finished, the process should find 13 faces. Make sure your face is lined up perfectly with the image on the screen. Don't do it from too far away. Rotate your head very slowly, keeping your eyes on the camera at all times.
6. At the end you'll see images of each snapshot. If they look fairly normal, tap the button to Upload Images.
7. Next, open MyCareer and start the MyPlayer creation process. You'll come to a screen that says "the first step in building your NBA 2K20 MyPlayer is selecting your look." During this step, you should see a loading bar for "building your MyPlayer's unique scanned head."
8. Your scan should appear as the first option in the MyPlayer Head selection.

LV.22 PlayStation 11d

NBA 2K20 - How to make the best FACE SCAN

***If possible, scan your face in the natural light. Try to avoid florescent light or your bathroom lights, they produce added color, unlike natural sunlight and make your face scan look unnatural .
***Go outside and find a shady spot when it's sunny. You'll avoid direct sunlight on your face and no strong shadow in any direction yet there'll be enough light to scan your face most naturally. Or overcast day works too and in this case, you won't have to hide in a a shady spot.
***When you scan your face, try to avoid vivid or harsh colors behind you or near your face. The colors will reflect off your face and they'll end up getting scanned too.
***Do not use the front selfie camera. Have your friend do it for you using the phone's rear camera (the better camera)
***Remove hats, glasses, your hair or anything that's covering your face and obstructing it from getting scanned.
***If the scan fails to show up in the game, close out NBA 2K20 and open it again. It might work the second time.
***You can change the skin and hair options later in the game.

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5 Things You Should Know Before Creating Your MyPlayer

1. Decide If You're Building For Badges or Attribute Points
There are two potential objectives when building and upgrading your MyPlayer. You can chase badges by experimenting to see which combination of player-type and athleticism pie charts give you access to the most special abilities.
Alternatively, you can look at the attribute caps that are in place with the player-type/athleticism charts. You can let either one dictate the player you create, but don't try to straddle the fence.
2. The Pie Charts Have Some Limitations
It's important to identify what you want your MyPlayer to be good at, and then study the pie charts to find out how you can get as closed to that vision as possible. If you understand what attributes or badges you need to be effective in your role, you can build and upgrade with a purpose.
3. Defenders > SlashersI think it's safe to say, Slashers need to be buffed in NBA 2K20. Players with these traits as a primary or secondary focus are far too limited when it comes to shooting. This was obviously done to maintain balance in the game's competitive modes, but I think it's been overdone. As a matter of fact, you can get most of what you'd want in a slasher (dunking ability, speed) from shifting the primary or secondary focus to a defender. In NBA 2K19, defenders were a bit overpowered. They have been nerfed a bit in NBA 2K20, but not enough to ruin their effectiveness.
4.Pick Two Primary Skills
It would be nice if you could create a do-it-all player at a variety of positions, but the truth is, you should only focus on being great in two areas. The caps won't allow you to maximize any other way. Find the two things you want your MyPlayer to be good at, and focus on those areas either with badges or attribute points.
5. Some Badges Are Useless For Your Style and Position
Some badges are attractive, but not all of them are useful for your build and position. Don't waste time chasing badges like Range Extender if you're primarily a wing player who will spend a lot of time in the corner for spot-up jump shot opportunities.
The shots you take will very rarely tap into that badge. Deep Hooks is one that won't serve many guards well. There are a few others that either overlap with another badge, or simply don't make much sense to add for your player.

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How To Fix Error Message 079d6cdc in NBA 2K20

1. Try To Reconnect With The 2K Servers
The simplest way to fix this is to test your connection to the game servers. If it says you are disconnected or need to connect to the 2K servers, try to hit the connect button again. This may take several minutes, but if it works, you should be good to continue playing the game.
2. Restart Your Console and Check For Updates
Sometimes, turning something off and on again really does to wonders for some problems. For previous iterations of this issue, 2K Support recommended trying to restart the console and seeing if that helped at all. Sometimes this will help the game reset some data and get back on track.
This will usually automatically search the servers for any console software update that you might need to download in order to access online features. PlayStation 4 is notorious for dropping updates out of the blue and surprising players with a sudden download that needs to happen.
3. Check Your Internet Connection
It also might be something going on with your internet connection, so start things off with a simple check of your network settings to make sure your console is connected to the internet before you actually begin troubleshooting for issues.
-Verify the server status:
-Verify that other devices on your network can connect to the internet.
(Xbox and PlayStation only) Make sure that your console is connected to your router directly using an Ethernet cable. Wireless signals (Wi-Fi) can often experience interference and the signal quality can drop over time.
-Perform a network connection test for your console.
-Disconnect your router and modem for 60 seconds from the power outlet, then reconnect them to the outlet.
-Your connection strength can be affected by how busy your network is. If you’re on a college campus or a home network that makes heavy usage of streaming services (Netflix, Twitch, etc.), downloading large files over the internet or playing other online video games, then you are more at risk of experiencing disconnection issues. If that’s the case, try playing online when fewer people are using the internet.

LV.22 S 11d

I’m gamesharing 2k20 for $40 on Xbox

Cash app only!!

LV.2 Lurker 11d

Can someone pls give me a 50 dollar ps4 card

If you give me a 50 dollar ps4 card I’ll give you a Fortnite account with ghoul trooper I don’t go first HMU if interested

LV.4 Lurker 11d

2k20 Gameshare ?

i’m playstation can somebody help me out 🤦🏽‍♂️

LV.7 Nomad 11d

NBA 2K20 Locker Codes

LV.21 Champion 11d

Who wana run I got a rebounding finisher with rim protector badge need 2 add my psn venom_symbiote00

LV.2 Lurker 11d

Who can game share 2k20, I can give you a 10psn on the 14th

LV.5 Lurker 11d

Ok Marge i see you

LV.5 Lurker 11d

Who can game share 2k20 ps4, I will give you a $10 PSN on the 14th

Pls somebody, anybody

LV.5 Lurker 11d