Favorite campaign?

So far I’ve completed New York , and Jerusalem. Just started Moscow. I really enjoy this game it reminds me of a combination of the division 2 and left for dead. The overall intensity and fast paced combat is super fun and always keeps me super involved unlike most zombie games out where you can just turn your brain off. Let me know if you wanna play multiplayer or campaign ! I’m on PS4

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World War Z Didn't Have A Great Successful Launch

World War Z launched yesterday, but its first day on the market didn't exactly go smoothly. Players have reported numerous issues such as multiple failed attempts to connect to the game's servers and problems during gameplay that halts progression.

The biggest issue at launch appears to be a lack of servers for players to join, meaning that the game is only playable in an offline state. For an online-focused co-operative title, this is quite clearly a major issue. To developer Saber Interactive's credit though, it looks like the team is trying its best to get more servers up and running to alleviate the problem.

What may take a little more time though are the bugs and glitches that have been brought to light. Personally speaking, we haven't been able to finish the game's first chapter yet because the game freezes and doesn't conclude the level correctly. Other players have reported jittery movement, a "Loading Game Logic" message that crashes the game, and being unable to play with friends in different regions.

Are you playing World War Z? Have you encountered any of these problems? Kill the horde in the comments below.

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World War Z Official Launch Trailer

The game is inspired on the 2013 film World War Z, with gameplay featuring over the shoulder third person shooter cooperative combat against large numbers of zombies, defensive traps and emplacements. The game will be set in New York, Jerusalem, Moscow, and Japan. It was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on April 16, 2019. (Credit goes to PlayStation's YouTube Channel for the video)

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I saw this game on xbox and i havent got it yet! Anyone have it and has tips N tricks?

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World war z

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Welcome to the World War Z Lounge!

Hello one and all to the brand new World War Z lounge, located right here on Moot! I can sense great things will happen for this lounge and it can't happen by itself. It's up to you, the Mooters, that will make this lounge pop with great content! At this current time, we only have two boards, General & Looking For Group! I'm sure that the more this lounge stays populated, more boards will be added. Until then, happy Mooting to all of you! Stay safe and have a great rest of your day!

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I was wondering if this game is any good and like what game is close to it the gameplay looks good but you just never know

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The Bull

I really love this game especially the bull 😂 once it starts hitting the ground and your by are doomed

LV.5 Breacher 7mo

LFD on steroids

This game is amazing I loved LFD an this feels like it

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The game is 🔥

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I put in multiple requests for this and its finally here! Lets go!

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