Is This Game Worth It???

I've been thinking about getting WWZ and I don't know if its worth the money?

Tell me below if its a worth to buy because some people say it is or not.

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Like if you enjoy playin WWZ with your friends

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Check out this carnage

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A Little Question For Everyone

Since the game has been released for a little while, how is everyone liking the game so far? Do you enjoy it? Hate it? Let me know in the comments below!

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I try the game before days gone came out and the game world war Z is fire

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I just got the game cant wait to play it is almost done Installing

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Follow and watch 💪🏽

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Went ham

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Just as you think that you have killed the entire horde...

You realize there are another million more zambies coming!👏👏👏

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Need people to play with

Dont have the game yet but can get anytime, I just need to have a squad to play with


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World war z is amazing

Like if this should be my thumb nail for my future youtube video

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Multiplayer montage

Check out Multiplayer montage |Chating| Scheduled streams|

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Hey everybody, I'm streaming World War Z with my buddy Nash. Come watch us have fun

Watch "World War Z" on YouTube

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World War Z Review (PS Lifestyle)

When we first caught wind that there would be a video game loosely based on 2013’s zombie action film World War Z, it seemed somewhat out of place. Announced at 2017’s Game Awards ceremony, World War Z is a third-person action game that is not only derived from the film, but set in the same universe as the 2006 novel of the same name.

Typically, video games based on movies leave a lot to be desired. This may skew your expectations for World War Z right from the start. As a game based on a film, it’s surprisingly fun. When evaluating it for what it is, without thinking about the fact that it’s based on a film, it’s still not bad. But summing up an entire game with “not bad” is a bit reductive.

Before getting into things, it’s at least worth mentioning that World War Z is a budget title and debuted at $39.99. Now, this won’t excuse its shortcomings, but it at least makes the purchase a tad more enticing. Along with that, it’s very easy to make comparisons to Left 4 Dead, which even the developers themselves have alluded to. World War Z wears its inspirations on its sleeve, and you can definitely see a lot of Valve’s popular cooperative zombie series ingrained within. However, when comparing to Left 4 Dead, you might be left disappointed in nearly every way, as Saber Interactive just doesn’t have the chops or budget that Valve had.

With that in mind, you’ll likely feel right at home when playing World War Z: It has four campaigns, multiple characters to choose from, procedurally generated zombie placement, an emphasis on cooperative multiplayer, and even a variety of special zombies to fend off. Instead of Hunters, they’re called Lurkers, and instead of Boomers, you’ll find Gasbag zombies decked out in hazmat gear. It’s almost too similar to Left 4 Dead in many ways, causing it to lack personality at times. Gone is the need to work closely with teammates and the humorous tone, leaving you with an almost bland experience.

You’ll also be disappointed if you’re seeking an adventure with a robust narrative, as World War Z is mostly focused on gameplay. There are bits of dialogue between sections that give you some context for your motivations. But ultimately, these moments feel obligatory and shoehorned in. If you’re just here to kill zombies, you might not mind the absent story.

What it does have that differentiates itself is a robust upgrade and class system that you can experiment with. As you play, you earn XP that can be spent on upgrades, which is sort of the hook that’ll keep you coming back. Ideally, this will encourage you to play a lot, giving you more opportunities to improve your classes and weapons.

The classes are quite different too. You can choose from Gunslinger, Hellraiser, Medic, Fixer, Slasher, and Exterminator, all of which feel distinct enough to warrant giving a try. As you play with each, you’ll gain XP that can be spent on various boosts or upgrades. The upgrades are set up in such a way that even the preliminary ones are still quite useful, so you always feel like you’re making progress. These are things like damage boosts for the entire team, the ability to kill lots of enemies with explosives, massively increased reload speed, and more. If you’re strategic enough, you can coordinate with your group, to have an optimized team to face off against hordes and hordes of zombies.

But therein lies one of World War Z’s most glaring issues. It seems to emphasize cooperative play. However, as you make your way through the campaigns, you’ll realize that the game always tells you exactly what to do. This means communication and coordination feel useless most of the time. As mentioned above, you can come up with an optimized setup for each of the members of the squad, but it will ultimately feel only slightly better from my experience. There is always a marker on the screen or text telling you what your next objective is, leaving out the element of strategy and discovery.

Sometimes, it is nice to get to play without having to worry about getting lost or knowing what to do, but this feature seems to be at odds with the mantra of playing with friends. There isn’t a need to work together with real players to figure out what to do, since World War Z always guides you. Surprisingly, the AI is actually quite competent, so you aren’t ever at a disadvantage for playing solo. Once I realized that the game felt virtually the same when playing with AI and when playing with real-world players, it sort of lost traction. That isn’t to say it’s not fun, but since the levels all feel quite similar in structure and there’s no real need to work with a team in a strategic way, it takes the wind out of the game’s sails.

If you want to read more about the review that PlayStation Lifestyle gave, use the link below 👇

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Let’s play

I got bunch of games ,need for player friends ...

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Multiplayer haveing fun come chill

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Anyone trying to play


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It is worth to buy they have campaign and multiplayer.

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Should I buy?

I was a huge fan of the l4d series and I heard that its kind of on that line of that. Im just 20$ short and I really need something to occupy me until Borderlands 3 comes out.

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Let’s kill some zombies stop by the stream

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Looking for 2 player

Asap any level just know how to play

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Great game

This is a game I'll grind for

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Need 2 from EU

Need 2 from eu to start playthrough add me for invite baldynug

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Why not aha

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World War Z: Before You Buy (Credit goes out to gameranx on YouTube for this video)

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World War Z 1.02 Update Patch Notes

The new World War Z 1.02 update patch notes have now been made available for the community to read and digest. The new World War Z update today is currently rolling out across PC, PS4, and Xbox One, though you may need to exit the game and hit “Check for update” to have it download and install. Once the new World War Z patch has been implemented, players should start to see improvements in the areas of connectivity, as well as a fix for those who were unable to access the new Lobo Bundle DLC.

The highlights of the World War Z 1.02 update are mainly to do with solving connectivity problems, and ensuring that players are able to stick together through the course of the game. The 1.02 update fixes an issue which prevented US players from joining up and slaying zombies with users in other regions.

What’s more, for those who were having trouble accessing the new Lobo Bundle DLC, these problems should now have been solved.

Community manager “Jellyfoosh” has also detailed known issues which the team is “working on sorting out right now.” These include PC problems, such as the game crashing on launch, players being unable to see their friends on their friends list, and progress becoming lost.

Also on the dev’s radar are PS4 and Xbox One issues, which include: progress being lost after a PSN name change, the game sometimes disconnecting at the end of some missions, and some players being unable to progress the “Key to the City” mission after the “Protect Search team” objective.

Other “general” issues that have been acknowledged are: some players being unable to receive weapon XP, and some players who can’t get all the weapons from the pre-order Lobo Pack.

World War Z 1.02 Update Patch Notes Full List

Fixed an issue with Lobo Bundle DLC not available to certain users

Fixed an issue that prevented US players from playing with other regions

Fixed some of the connectivity issues

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Equipment help

I’m using the Fixer class and I’ve unlocked the night owl perk to gain the masking grenade does that stop me from placing the ammo crates now because I can figure out how to do that anymore 😂

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Vulkan vs DX11 WWZ FPS benchmark

1080p ryzen 1700 3.975ghz gtx 1070ti a8g strix. 2ghz overclock vs stock in bith API's

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