You F***ed up bro

When your the last man left of you team. And it goes to shit

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Lajj J

Hi, try this fantastic app

LV.2 Lurker 24d

World war z update

Just got a 14gb update for world war z. Anyone have any clue what it adds?

LV.3 Lurker 24d

Rainbow six siege

LV.2 Lurker 24d

This is so true

LV.7 Join my group! 25d

When you win you’re first game on WWZ you’re Face

LV.4 Lurker 25d

Thoughts on the game so far?

LV.5 Lurker 25d

World War Z Stream

Hey everyone! About to stream and would love to play with some Peeps!
Message me & let’s get grinding🔥🙌

LV.5 Deadeye 25d

World War Z problem

I'm on PS4 and can't change classes anyone else have this problem? Or am I dumb and don't know how to change classes?

LV.2 Lurker 25d

What is your opinion on the game?

LV.5 Deadeye 1mo

Let’s be friends :D

Trying to network with the community and find people to game with!
Let’s game🔥

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LV.1 Mootie 1mo

I'm going to max every class and weapon

It will take a moment but I'll grind for it

LV.6 Nomad 1mo

So far I have 2 classes maxed

Gunslinger and slasher. Working on fixer now level 28

LV.6 Nomad 1mo

Advice needed.

Can anyone explain to me how to get 'The Most Effective way' Trophy/Achievement as I have only used the pistol, no melee, no drags or no Defence kits several times now and I still have not got it.

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Is This Game Worth It???

I've been thinking about getting WWZ and I don't know if its worth the money?

Tell me below if its a worth to buy because some people say it is or not.

LV.15 Champion 1mo

Like if you enjoy playin WWZ with your friends

LV.4 Try Hard 1mo

Check out this carnage

LV.3 Lurker 1mo

A Little Question For Everyone

Since the game has been released for a little while, how is everyone liking the game so far? Do you enjoy it? Hate it? Let me know in the comments below!

verified LV.34 Mod 1mo

I try the game before days gone came out and the game world war Z is fire

LV.4 Lurker 1mo

I just got the game cant wait to play it is almost done Installing

LV.4 Lurker 1mo

Follow and watch 💪🏽

LV.2 Lurker 1mo

Went ham

LV.3 Lurker 1mo


LV.3 Lurker 1mo

Just as you think that you have killed the entire horde...

You realize there are another million more zambies coming!👏👏👏


Need people to play with

Dont have the game yet but can get anytime, I just need to have a squad to play with


LV.2 Lurker 1mo

World war z is amazing

Like if this should be my thumb nail for my future youtube video

LV.7 Join my group! 1mo

Multiplayer montage

Check out Multiplayer montage |Chating| Scheduled streams|

LV.6 Nomad 1mo

Hey everybody, I'm streaming World War Z with my buddy Nash. Come watch us have fun

Watch "World War Z" on YouTube

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