Pebis LV.8 Nomad
Jan 12, 2021, 10:15 AM 168 read

Kombat League is ass cheeks

Kombat league is absolute garbage for a couple of reasons and its part the players and the game and part the dumb asses who haven't been about side in 8 years and spam the sheeva stomp or annoying ass way to play the game. Also now there recycling old seasons like come on they just released the meteor easter egg so you can get all of the skins that way instead of playing this toxic ass mode. And the reason its so garbage is there are some absolute braindeads who just will sit in there fuckin chair for 14 hours a day just to get the demi god KL skin and they'll go purple and spam with jade, spam throws, spam the sheeva stomp, spamming liu kang staggers etc, its all the same shit. And since they released the meteor easter egg that is easy asf to do you can get all the kombat league skins without having the worst experience ever. The only reason nowadays I every play kombat league is so my kombat card looks a little cooler. The modes toxic, trash ass, and can be easily exploited by cheap ass no lifes.

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