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Lounge Guidelines (UPDATED)

This guide will help out those who are just starting to use Moot and have stumbled into the Mortal Kombat 11 Lounge. I'll go over what each of the boards do and what each of them means. Let's get into it, shall we? First off, here is how you can make a post. So how do you make a post? It's easy to do! Tap or click the pencil icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

From there, you will be brought to this screen.

From there, you can select which board you want to post in. After that, you can start by thinking of an Interesting Title. Then, if you want to add a little extra, you can do so by tapping right below Interesting Title.

So now, let's get into what all the boards mean and what their purpose is for! FEATURED

This is where your posts go whenever one of two things happen: 1) Your post can get hand-picked by a Mod or Admin, or 2) If it reaches enough upvotes or comments, it will Auto-Feature itself. Also, you cannot select this board to post in. GENERAL

General is a board where everything goes (At the moment, this lounge doesn't have a Memes, Art, Highlights, etc. or any of those boards as it is still a fairly new lounge) and what belongs here is discussion topics, such as, "Which Mortal Kombat Character Is Your Favorite?" or "Which Fatality Is Your Favorite and Why?" Also, you can post Memes, Video Highlights, Art, etc. LOOKING FOR GROUP

This is a board where you can start to look for an opponent to face and go one-on-one with. Don't post in the General Board to look for people. Use this board as from there, you can set up a post with details of what you're looking for, such as what console you play on, how many players you are looking for, whether you want a person(s) to have a mic or not, etc. CHARACTER TIPS

This is where you can help out those who are looking to get better with a certain character(s). If you know any tips about a certain character you use, be sure to use this board! MEMES

This is where the funniest and freshest of Memes go. Pretty much straightforward on this board. Just stick to memes and memes only! PROMOTIONS

This is where you can promote your YouTube Channel, Twitch Livestream, etc. This one is straightforward as well. Keep promotions on this board! Keep in mind that if you aren't sure what is allowed on Moot, read up on Moot's Content Policy and you'll know what is allowed and what isn't. I'll mention this that as more boards get added, I'll be sure to make updates and edits to this post. Take care Mooties and have a great day!

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