Who hype for this kombat pack

LV.20 Let’s play Destiny! 1d

Tryna run some 1v1 on mk11

PS4 anybody no mic

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New Secret Brutalities only AIs can do
Developer NetherRealm recently added an additional brutality victory pose for every character via an update. This is the pose your character does after performing a brutality. But it also added several new secret brutalities for players to discover.
What's interesting is how players are discovering them. The new secret brutalities are not mentioned in the game's command lists or in customisation - sorry! - kustomisation, and there's no hints as to where to go in the game to unlock them. As mentioned, in Mortal Kombat 11 you can't perform a brutality you haven't unlocked, so players are spotting the AI, which, naturally, has everything at its disposal, perform brutalities they've never seen before.
YouTube channel Nick and Autumn captured gameplay of a raft of new brutalities by letting the AI pummel him for hours on end. The result is the compilation video below:

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Sad but true 😂😢

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The Perfect Cut

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Mortal kombat 11 ps4

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Nightwolf is balanced as hell ATM

Haven't tried all his moves yep but his tournament and main 2 variations are pretty balanced, good job NRS

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I'm one guy who can be known I'm like delirious but I'm not in his crew cause it's meant to be true

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I make some heros or I can make ninjas for MK 11 if you want I'm a cool guy

Devil is like bat man but he is a different worrier

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How is everyone feeling about new mk11 update??

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Biggest comeback!!!

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My two favorite MK games of all time are Mortal Kombat for the PS2 and Mortal Kombat X for the PS4. MK for PS2, my too two favorite characters that I main for a while and because the characters always have cool introductions no matter which MK game that you play but also because they rock in gameplay are Scorpion and Sub Zero. Scorpion because along with his fantastic moves his catch phrase is amazing. When he says “Get over here” it practically is like the phrase transports you into the game itself. Sub Zero on the other hand though he has fantastic gameplay, he mainly has fantastic moves that are easy to learn the controls to quickly. My other favorite is Johnny Cage, he’s another amazing character that when learned properly and used correctly can do quite some damage. As for Mortal Kombat X on PS4, my favorite as I already mentioned is Cassie Cage. She has fantastic moves that when used in a proper order and used together can also deal a lot of damage. Mortal Kombat for PS2 and MK X are amazing. The graphics make the game even more fun. I can spend hours playing either game. Another thing that I like about MK X is the addition of various other new characters not seen in some of the other MK games. For instance, Frost and Jade among others. I also enjoy the Mortal Kombat theme song. It in itself is unique and gives the game a great vibe. Mortal Kombat also in itself with all characters has great fatalities on PS2. The other great thing about Mortal Kombat is Kitana. I could spend hours playing her and still have fun with the game no matter which character I’m fighting against.

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Who has a lot of games they can game share?

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Mortal Kombat

Who's everyone's favorite characters?

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Will someone teach me how to play

Hey I’m on ps4 and I was wondering if someone could train me to the best of my ability

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Scorpion op confirmed

Anyone else agree that scorpion used right in the new mortal kombat is super over powered

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Dont you hate fighting jades in mk11 ranked matches?

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I need some opinions

Hey people wanted to ask who is in your opinion the most beginner friendly character!! Thanks in advance

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Who is watching and who do you want to see make top as a character and pro?

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Looking for Mortal Kombat 11 Tournaments

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Should they add the Pit?

Well, the title says it. Should they add the Pit stage back into MK11? Or at least a reference besides the Reptile MK1 steps?

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Just played a Spamming Scorpion.

LV.6 Try Hard 22d

Lmao just played a spamming Geras in KL.

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What does he mean

In one of the intros for Johnny cage and Jax it starts off
Jax: I’m not surprised I have a kid but you
John: I know especially after the snip snip
Jax:don’t let Cassie hear you say that

Was Johnny circumcised

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How Many of You can beat good players but when you play bad people who spam throw and d2 you lose

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In mortal kombat XL who are the members of the black dragon

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