TIP>Unlock FROST for FREE! Don't pay for it.

You cannot use Time Crystals on Frost. You need to make a completely separate purchase for $5.00 USD. However, you don't really need to spend any money on Frost. It's just not worth it. You can unlock the fighter for free in-game.
1. First of all, you need to play through Chapter 4 of the story mode. It's not hard at all.
Besides, the story line is exciting, you wanna see it.
2. However the catch is that you need to play through every single fight in Chapter 4 TWICE!! Once as Scorpion and once as Sub-Zero.
3. Set the campaign down to its EASIEST DIFFICULTY. It still counts.
Once you complete it, the game will notify you she is playable the next time you hit the main menu.

LV.19 Sage 6h

Quick Character Guide >>> Erron Black <<<

Erron Black is a unique character with good zoning potential. He can lay a bear trap or throw a pool of poison to deal with approaching enemies. And should they choose to peck away with projectiles, Erron can just shoot them down.
All of this culminates in his Fatal Blow. The ultra powerful attack actually starts with an across-the-screen projectile. That makes it much easier to catch foes off balance for a surprise finish.
Ironically Erron does not have the best range in the game. His simple melee attacks require a bit of proximity in order to be effective. Even his main projectile attack forces him to move slowly forward. You just cannot stand still with a gun. This often forces you to get in close and then push your opponent away — unlike more traditional zoning characters. That might confuse your opponent, but it’s also likely to trip up new players at first.
1. You don't wanna get too close to your opponent. He’s a gunslinger. But you can use that to your advantage. Cancel out of your rifle stance by bashing your foe up close. They might just not see it coming, if you’ve spent most of the match fighting at a distance.
2. The acid trap forces opponents into making mistakes. Put it behind them so they take damage if they back up. Or place it at their feet to force them to jump away. Wherever you wanna place it, you can predict their movements and follow up with appropriate ranged attacks.

LV.19 Sage 6h

Quick Character Guide >>> Jax <<<

Jax is all about piling on the pressure. His iconic metal arms literally heat up as he punches opponents in Mortal Kombat 11. This results in increased damage and enhanced “Krushing Blows”. Since Jax is all about punching anyway, that’s not a bad way to power up.
Jax also has a number of grappling options which makes it easier for him to handle fighters up close. Once Jax powers up and gets close — particularly near the corners — it’s almost impossible for opponents to escape.
Your ranged game is rarely as strong. That’s no different with Jax in Mortal Kombat 11. He may have projectile options but most of them depend on the heat buildup in his hand which requires you to get close enough to punch and the heat drains over time. All of which is to say Jax looks prone to losing momentum, particularly against zoning characters, and lacks spam moves at a distance
1. Jax heats up his hands to full with every Fatal Blow. It’s tricky to take advantage of this, since you’re at such low health during Fatal Blows, but it might just give you the edge to finish off a foe if the Fatal Blow does not.
2. Jax may lose heat in his hands over time but remember that it’s a very slow process. So don’t be afraid to back off when you need to. No need to rush in panic.

LV.19 Sage 6h

Quick Character Guide >>> Kotal Kahn <<<

Kotal Kahn is pretty straightforward to play in the moment-to-moment battle. He is a jack-of-all-trades. He's got good projectiles, good range, and a useful parry. He plays similar to Jade in that these make him great at winning battles of attrition. But where Kotal Kahn truly shines is his buffs and healing. He can easily out last and out damage opponents with these skills.
Kotal Kahn is can be somewhat slow. Not his individual moves, but his buffs can take time to ramp up. Summoning totems and drinking blow both take time. Not to mention you also have to reset them if you don’t close out the match quickly. This can waste time better spent on just going for the throat, or leave you vulnerable to counterattacks.
1. This disc throw is very fast and does huge amount of damage on its own. It's can be hugely useful.
2. Stand in his sun beams to regain life, maybe not by a lot but still makes a nice bonus if you're zoning your opponent anyway.
3. Despite leaving Kotal open, summoning totems can make great bait. Kotal Kahn has a quick parry that lets him open up overeager attackers. Combining with the right totems, you can heal yourself or dish out extra damage.
4. Use the cat form for closing the distance. You will be faster, harder to hit and you can use it from the air. That makes it easier to get in close and take full advantage of your buffs before they wear off.

LV.19 Sage 6h

what happened to Skarlet?

Loos like Life has not been kind to her lol

LV.22 Mootiversary! 7h

Scorpion be like...

Kenshi & Johnny: *have Quan chi locked up

LV.22 Mootiversary! 7h

Damn I forgot my pesticide

LV.22 Mootiversary! 7h


LV.21 S 7h


LV.21 S 7h

MK11 STORY MODE - Walkthrough Part 11 (Ending)

LV.21 S 7h

MK11 STORY MODE - Walkthrough Part 10 (Raiden)

LV.21 S 7h

MK11 STORY MODE - Walkthrough Part 9 (Scorpion)

LV.21 S 7h

Bringing people closer.

LV.21 PlayStation 7h

Skarlet has the most hauntingly beautiful game graphics

Her fatality is literally EYE POPPING
Brutal yet beautiful.... the best looking fighting game out there in my opinion.

LV.21 PlayStation 7h

8 tips you need to know before playing MK11

1. Become familiar with COME REFERENCES
It takes some time to get used to the fast paced mechanics so people often simply reply on the basic attacks, simple kicks and punches. Check the quick reference combos in the pause menu. You will have much easier time. Even if you didn't wanna spend time to complete the tutorial, just start by learning at least a couple of these easy combos and you will be able to increase your damage out and move versatility significantly.
2. Take advantage of FATAL BLOWS
When your health falls below a certain percentage, you will see a prompt to use the Fatal Blow. These violet and powerful moves will cause huge amount of unstoppable damage and if you use it just right, it could even turn the tide of battle. Just be patient and make sure there is a good opening that your opponent cannot block.
3. Use the ENVIRONMENT to your advantage
In every stage, you will find different elements you can interact with. They can help you deal extra damage or gain better positioning. When you are next to an item you can interact with, press the right bumper when prompted. Your character will automatically pick them up or jump off them. Easy and straightforward.
4. Don't be PREDICTABLE when fighting the AI
Fighting the computer is nothing compared to fighting a real person but the AI characters can be quite challenging at times. When fighting an AI, use wide variety of moves and mix them up randomly. I know we often rely on one or two moves we use. However your AI opponent will pick up on your patter immediately and start retaliating fairy quickly if you don't change things up.
5. Do not skit the TUTORIAL
People often skip tutorials in many games including MK11 and dive in headfirst to the action but the tutorial is just as deep as the game's mechanics. Each character has its own walkthroughs. Whether you've never played Mortal Kombat before or you're a veteran player, the tutorial will most surely help you transition into playing MK11 at a higher level.
6. Play the STORY MODE first
It will take approximately about 5 hours for you to play through the Story Mode. it gives you the chance to fight through tons of unique and exciting situations. You will have an opportunity to get to know most of the roster and you can decide your favorite characters.
MK11 is all about close quarters combat. You can usually initiate combos when you are right up in your opponent's face and projectiles are simply not as effective. Don't just rush in, but try getting right up in your opponent's face with blocks. Notice which moves they rely on most and match it. Once you block them, you can grab or hit. This will help you get used to dealing damage rather than taking it.
8. Ignore the grind if you can
In the Krypt and tower modes, we all learned how useless the grind is when it comes to unlocking new items. They maybe fun to play but it's really no fun wasting your time trying to unlock items that are just not worth your time. Just play through the story mode then you can make a jump to online.

LV.21 PlayStation 8h

Come join and hangout or play anyone Is welcome :3

I'm live on Twitch - Watch me at

LV.10 Try Hard 8h

Mk 11

So what do yall think of mk11 so far

LV.20 Insomniac 10h


I know it sounds crazy but I was wondering if anyone would game share mk11 with me?

LV.4 Lurker 11h

My Scorpion Drawing, hope you like.

LV.4 Lurker 11h


Live on my twitch RDragz!
Streaming mk11 story come join!

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custom character (if I was a MK character)

LV.4 Lurker 14h

Decent roster

Better than 10 worse than 9.

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New vids

Got 3 new recent videos on my channel. 2 combo tutorials and one mk11 story mode playthrough!
Go show dome support and check out my channel ReeM Dragz

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Anyone else get mk11 on release??? Or pre order? I'm downloading it now and I'm gonna wanna play with some peeps soon or tomorrow or so

LV.12 Bamboozled 16h

Mortal Kombat 11 Stream

Come to my twitch channel Vice_Skeleton later tonight for a Mortal Kombat 11 where I am going to be showing off some of the new characters

LV.3 Lurker 16h

When you realize Noob is a Harry Potter fan


LV.5 Lurker 17h

Sub Zero mains when you lose to them

verified LV.25 Insomniac 17h

Scorpion mains be like

verified LV.25 Insomniac 17h

Kronika's Fatality reminds me of...

my relationship with my ex...again and again and again.

LV.19 Sage 1d

Goro's workout station

LV.19 Sage 1d