I guess it is

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Who’s ready for the new characters this week?

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Quick juggle

Soul scouter#Shang Tsung

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Scorpion MK11 Drawing

Just some fast shiet i made #MK #MortalKombat #Scorpion #ShiraiRyu

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YouTube channel

Hey guys I’ll appreciate it if you can subscribe to my YouTube channel I’ll return the favor

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Subscribe to me on YouTube my channel name is luckduck0500

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What is your main, mines sub-zero 🥶

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Ranked Comeback with insane 500+ Damage Combo!!

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Scorpion or Sub zero

Comment for Sub for scorpion #Mortalcombat11

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Not the only one Johnny cage

LV.6 Let’s play OW! 4d

Johnny jr

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I love scorpions fatality

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I had to post this

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Let it snow!

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Shang Tsung is coming out tomorrow!!!

Shang Tsung is coming out tomorrow with the best fatalities and fatal blow in the game. He is obviously a zoner and pretty ominous. He seems like a lot of fun though. I might main him quite honestly. He looks like a lot of fun and has some very cool skins. I don’t know if anybody’s thought of it yet but what are thay gonna do for people that are already done with the krypt? Add more chests? Then everything they get is gonna be art or Shang Tsung gear. IDK Man.

With me listing the characters next to the options is like who he would go next to on a tier list.

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Cooool fanart

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Great Game!

Hey, fellow Mooters. I've come to you to tell you a simple sentence. Mortal Kombat 11 is amazing, and if you are given the opportunity to play it, take it! The game is different from MKX by a long shot, but the game is still worth checking out. You won't regret it!

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Anybody can get it lol 😆😆

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So yesterday i was in casual's and the amplify button wasn't working im literally spamming the button and it won't work so i hop on too a diffrent game and it work perfectly so i am like wtf why doesn't it work in Mk11 but in fortnite

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Does anyone remember mk armeggedon on ps2, I loved that game, gave is zombie liu kang

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POPULAR Who you'r favorite Mortal Kombat 11 Kharacter ?

Comment down below

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Best character

Scorpion all the way🔥🔥🔥

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My 4 favorite MK characters of all time

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The classic brutality was the most OP I swear

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Kenshi in MK11

Does anyone wish that Kenshi was in MK11 cause I’m feeling like he should of been. Considering his gear and things seems simple enough to think of.

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Name 4 variations

Kollector: Thanos, 6 arms r better

Jax: Wakanda Forever

Erron Black: Its Highnoon, Old town road

Shang Tsuang: Tsuagnami

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Kombat pk1

Who is ready for Shang Tsung?

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Shang Tsung!!!

Shang Tsung is almost here!!! June 18th!!!!

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I drew the nether realm logo

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