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How to Download AOL Desktop Gold on Windows or mac devices?


For members of AOL's Advantage Plan:   With your membership, you get AOL Desktop Gold for free. • Visit your My Benefits page and log in. • Scroll down to AOL desktop gold under the all products section and click on download now. • To install it, follow the on-screen instructions.   AOL Desktop Gold for Trial Or Subscription period   • Access the MY ACCOUNT page by logging in. • Click on my services/subscriptions. • Within the AOL desktop gold menu, click on Getting Started.   By selecting the link provided in the official AOL registration confirmation email you received:   • Enter Get Started with AOL Desktop Gold in the search box of your mail account. • To access a message that has been found, click on it. • Click the download desktop gold or update now link. • To download it to your computer, click Save. #downloaddesktopgold #aoldesktopgold

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    Have you guys checked out this to Download AOL Desktop Gold on Windows or mac devices.

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