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Apr 24, 2019, 06:23 PM 1,249 read

[Payment] Purchased items are not in the Inbox! (Android OS)

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If the purchased items are not delivered while your charge was successfully made, please contact Customer Support by tapping on [Settings] → [Inquiry] with all the needed information below.   ▶ Needed Information 1. Nickname and Game Account ID: 2. Date and Time of Transaction: 3. Amount of Price Paid: 4. E-mail Address (Google Play): 5. Purchase Receipt (Google Play): 6. Request: (Ex. Re-process, Refund, etc.)   It can be difficult to process your request without all the needed information above, so please submit them.   Upon your contact to us, we refer to the E-mail Address you submitted to send you the reply. Please make sure that your submitted E-mail Address is reachable.   We will try to process your request as quickly as possible. Please understand us if some delay occurs during the process. Cancelling the purchase through Play Store without contacting us may cause an issue as we may perceive your behavior as trying to make a refund while successfully receiving the purchased items.     Hope you enjoy the day with 60 Seconds Hero! Thank you.  

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