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Some Tips For Playing 60 Seconds Hero: Idle RPG on the iPhone


60 Seconds Hero: Idle RPG is an Action-packed, Single-player flash game that takes place within the beautifully designed fantasy-themed universe. The game presents a lovely cast of heroes, and thus, it allows you to choose your favorite one to begin playing challenging single-player quests to uncover further levels of content within the game, also you can try new game If you want to feel like a hero, play as one and save the world! Here is how you do it.

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First, load up the game. Click on the start icon. In the game, choose the main menu option, then choose the option for "options". A new window will open, with your game information as well as options such as language, resolution, screen size, time of day, and whether or not to use cheats. Hit "OK".   Visit the "map" tab on the "main menu" area. Tap on the "select maps" option to display a list of maps and their contents. Choose "lore" from the selection in the "las" selection, and tap on it to open it.   Tap on the "select units" tab, to display the units that can be placed on certain spots in the game map. Some of these units are recruitable, while others will not. At the moment, the game has eight different classes, each divided into two groupings: "starters" and "soldiers". After unlocking the second tier of heroes, units can be switched between the two groupings.   Tap on the "cast" tab, to summon your chosen hero into battle. If you do not see any available heroes, type "help" on the chat box. The game will provide a list of available heroes, as well as their levels and skills. When you have obtained a certain number of points, you can change your hero's skill, by selecting the desired skill icon from the menu. Once you have changed your hero's skill, just click on the "cast" button to make them appear on the battlefield.   When you want to level up, go to the "achievement" page. The game will give you a list of available tasks, which will reward you with experience and money. The process is similar to how you would level up in a normal rpg. Once you have reached the required level, you can unlock the next objectives in the game. Some of the remaining objectives require you to collect items, while others can be fulfilled by doing special quests.   The idle rpg guide recommends using items that increase attack and defense. These are very useful for controlling the characters you control. The items available are light armor, heavy armor, shield, helmet, wand, dagger, sword, lance, battle axe, mace, whip and warhammer. Since the game has a "per day" combat system, you can level your characters quickly and get more powerful weapons.   Players can also use gems to purchase weapons, armor and other items. Gems are earned through gameplay and can be traded, sold or purchased using the gems obtained through gameplay. Players can exchange their top 30 gems for a discount at a gem trader, to resell or trade the gems they no longer need.   Another helpful hint is to buy the relic as soon as possible in the game. A well-timed buy will help you obtain the best weapon as well as other items necessary to finish the game. A good 60 seconds hero: Idle RPG guide will tell you the locations of all the treasures and relic pieces. You can also do this on your own by using Google.   There are two ways to level up fast in this game: perform rebirths and purchase crates. Rebirths are done by collecting duplicate souls and transferring them into the soul database. Crates are used to train your character, by spending a specific number of kills with the main weapon. You need to purchase crates before performing the kills in order to be able to buy upgrades. These two strategies can be used to level up fast in this game, by following the tips explained in a 60 seconds hero: Idle RPG Guide.   Apart from leveling up fast, another way is to buy gold coins in order to pay for invasions and other activities in the game. When you run out of gold coins, you can get gold by looting dead bodies and trading it with other players. However, this is often risky due to the possibility of getting robbed. If you want to save your money, you should perform tombstones. Good rpg tips will tell you to wait for an invasion before you buy gold coins.   You can defeat enemies by simply moving close to them, while they are standing still or moving slowly. This is what is commonly called "stunning". The "stunning" technique makes the enemy dizzy, allowing you to attack it from a safe distance. To succeed in this game and level up fast, a good mobile rpg guide will recommend you to invest in a mobile phone, with a screen resolution of at least 10 inches, in order to view the game properly on the go.

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