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[Event] First Anniversary Login Bonus 4/28(Tue) - TBD

60 Seconds Hero: Idle RPG: Events - [Event] First Anniversary Login Bonus 4/28(Tue) - TBD image 1

▶ Event Info. - Event Period: 4/28(Tue) – TBD   - You may receive First Anniversary Login Bonus upon logging in for once a day up to 7 days. Please check ‘Main > Event Login’ button to check the rewards.   - First Anniversary Login Bonus event has no ending date set (If situation changes, we will be notifying through a separate notice).     ▶ First Anniversary Login Bonus Info. 1st Day:Five Premium 5-Star Knight Gacha Tickets 2nd Day:Five Premium Rune Gacha Tickets 3rd Day:Five 5-Star Knight Selection Tickets 4th Day:3,500 Ascension Stones 5th Day:300 Soulstones of 5-Star Knight ‘Void Guy’ 6th Day:300 Soulstones of 5-Star Knight ‘Hunter Crow’ 7th Day:30 Soulstones of 5-Star Knight ‘Dis’     ▶ Caution - Runes are available for players with Hero level equal to 10 or higher.   - Knight Ascension is available for 5-Star Knights with Rank UR and Equipment & Relic Ascension is available for Equipment & Relics with Rank L.   - Upon obtaining Soulstones of 5-Star Knights’ who were previously not recruited, 30 Soulstones will be automatically used to recruit those 5-Star Knights.       Hope you enjoy the day with 60 Seconds Hero! Thank you.

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    we getting any updates?