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Nov 26, 2019, 05:09 PM 656 read

[Summon UP Event] Dis


▶ Event Info. - Event Period: 12/15(Sun) 00:00AM – 23:59PM (UTC-8)   - In the ‘Summon’ tab, a chance to summon Dis has been increased.     ▶ Knight Info: Dis (Earth / Magic / Melee / Ground)


* Annual Salary is $2.1M and Ascension is available. * Special Rank-up Ticket is NOT available for this knight.   Basic Attack: Spear of Four Kings - Attacks enemies with a spear with a 10% chance of activating the skill.   Skill Attack: Father of Riches - Creates a distorted space on the sky to pour the rain of death and and inflicts 900% damage. - Effect 1. Increases allies’ Attack by 90% for 5 seconds with a 40% chance. - Effect 2. Increases allies’ damage towards Boss(or Mini Boss) by 50% for 8 seconds with a 30% chance.   Passive - Dis Pater: Increases Attack by 59% (Target: All) - King of the Underworld: Increases Movement Speed by 5.3% (Target: All) - Dante’s Inspiration: Increases Crit Damage by 120% (Target: All) - Primal War: Increases HP by 30% (Target: All)     - For more detail, please refer to ‘Settings > Book > Knightage’.     Don’t miss this chance!     Hope you enjoy the day with 60 Seconds Hero! Thank you.

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