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Oct 29, 2019, 04:41 PM 1,222 read

[Halloween Event] Trick or Treat! Raid Stones & Extra Daily Giveaway 10/29(Tue) – 11/04(Mon)

 <p>Happy Halloween! Would you like some candies for Halloween? Here they are! They are candies… sort of.   ▶ Event Info. - Event Period: 10/29(Tue) – 11/04(Mon) (UTC-7)   - During the event period, every guild will be issued with 2,000 Rank ‘R’, ‘HR’, and ‘SR’ Raid Stones and everyone will be receiving Extra Daily Giveaways for logging in.   - Raid Stones will be issued to guild itself, not to a guild master,   - You may claim the extra giveaway at Inbox after receiving push notification on 17:00PM (UTC-7).   - ‘Halloween Giveaways’ will substitute the Daily Giveaway #3.   - During the event period, total amount of Daily Giveaways that were originally given (300 Diamonds and 300 Honor Coins) will not change.     ▶ Raid Stone Giveaway Info. 10/29(Tue) 2,000 ‘R’ Raid Stones (Barlog) 10/30(Wed) 2,000 ‘HR’ Raid Stones (Anemone) 11/01(Fri) 2,000 ‘SR’ Raid Stones (Dullahan)     ▶ Extra Daily Giveaway Info. 10/29(Tue) 300 Diamonds 10/30(Wed) 500 Guild Coins 10/31(Thu) 1,000 Runestones 11/01(Fri) 300 Diamonds 11/02(Sat) 500 Guild Coins 11/03(Sun) 1,000 Runestones 11/04(Mon) 150 Ascension Stones     Hope you enjoy the day with 60 Seconds Hero! Thank you.

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