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Update Notice 1/21(Tue) (UTC-8)

60 Seconds Hero: Idle RPG: Notices - Update Notice 1/21(Tue) (UTC-8) image 3

▶ Maintenance Info. - Maintenance Time: 1/20(Mon) 23:00AM – 1/21(Tue) 01:00AM (UTC-8)     ▶ 1/23 Issue Fix - Iterative Rebirth Attack/HP Bonus is now being properly applied and displayed. Attack/HP will be displayed with lower value than how they were before this maintenance because +1a% from 'Hero Info' window is now fixed.     ▶ Update Details 1. New Ascension for 5-Star Knights Added - Asia: Xuanzang, Azure Dragon, Seimei, Musashi, Kalavinka - Europe: Baron Shard, Artemis, Black Odin, Pearl Rose, Tick Tock - America: Void Guy, Red Cloud, Soldier 94, Eidan, Freedom - Africa: Anubis, Rhino Axe, Griffon Ardi, Iron Fist, Cleopatra   2. Added 5 New Cities in ‘City’ tab   3. Limit of Knights’ Rank-up Gold Level Bonus was increased from 6,200 to 8,650   4. Increased the maximum level of Dungeons from 140 to 150.   5. Weekly Reset: Regular Collection Event, Weekly Package   6. Minor Bug Fixes     Hope you enjoy the day with 60 Seconds Hero! Thank you.

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