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Update Notice 12/16(Mon) (UTC-8)

60 Seconds Hero: Idle RPG: Notices - Update Notice 12/16(Mon) (UTC-8) image 15

  * New Ascension for 5-Star Knights is postponed to Jan. 2020. Sorry for the delay.   ▶ Maintenance Info. - Maintenance Time 1: 12/16(Mon) 18:00PM – 12/16(Mon) 23:59PM (UTC-8) - Maintenance Time 2: 12/18(Wed) 00:00AM – 12/18(Wed) 01:00AM (UTC-8)   ▶ Issue Fix Status (12/18) - Values of 4-Star Knights’ Rank-up Bonus for Gold Level are corrected.   - Frequent 'Purge Status' window pop-up with incorrect values is fixed to normal.   - Icon of 4th Newcomer’s Login Check (7 days) Reward is now being displayed properly.   - Flag system has been corrected.   - PVP attributes adjusted.     ▶ Remaining Issue from 12/16 Update - We’ll revise the notice when fix is applied. Sorry for the inconvenience.     ▶ Update Details 1. Cities opened in ‘City’ tab will remain after performing Rebirth   2. New Feature: Reaper Raid 2.1. Reaper Raid Info. - Reaper Raid is High-level Solo Raid. You may access Reaper Raid from ‘Main’ tab. - Reaper Raid is available for those with Hero Level above or equal to 100. - 10,000 Reaper Stones are required to enter Reaper Raid. - Reaper Stones are obtainable from 50th and 100th stages with a certain drop rate. You may also obtain Reaper Stones from Offline Gameplay. - Reaper Raid has a time limit of 60 minutes with 10 chances to enter. - For further details, please refer to information button [i] from ‘Main > Reaper Raid’ tab.   2.2. Reaper Raid Reward - Upon victory, Treasure Chest and Soulstones of Boss will be issued to Inbox. - Upon defeat, lower grade of Treasure Chest and lower number of Boss’ Soulstones will be issued to Inbox. - Honor Coins will be issued to your Inbox upon each entry to Reaper Raid. If you clear Reaper Raid before spending all 10 chances of entry, Honor Coins will be issued relative to your remaining number of entry. - For further details, please refer to information button [i] from ‘Main > Reaper Raid’ tab.   2.3. Reaper Raid Boss: Maupassant (Europe / Physical / Ranged / Ground)

60 Seconds Hero: Idle RPG: Notices - Update Notice 12/16(Mon) (UTC-8) image 2

* Annual Salary of Maupassant is $2.0M. * Maupassant cannot be ranked up with Special Rank-up Tickets. * For further detail, please refer to ‘Settings > Book’.     3. Added Iterative Rebirth Medal / City Gold gain bonus - Upon performing Rebirth without Hero level-up (=iterative rebirth), additional Medal and City Gold gain bonus will be given until reaching to the next Hero level.   4. New Equipments: 5 to 8-Star Reaper Set * Reaper Set does not have direct relation to Reaper Raid, and Equipment attributes would not be applied during Reaper Raid battle.   5. Maximum number of Playable Offline Stage changed from {(Hero Level – 1) * 90} to {Highest Stage Reached – 10}.   6. At ‘Summon’ tab, Pop-up screen will not be prompted from purchasing 1 to 4-Star Knights and Level 1 to 4 Runes.   7. Changes in Application of ‘Rebirth Medal gain’ increase attribute for some knights’ Rank-up passive. - Before: Applied only if those knights were within the current party. - From now: Will be applied just by possessing them.   8. Ascended Knights information added in ‘Settings > Book’.   9. One new city in ‘City’ tab added.   10. Knight Rank-up Gold Level Bonus increased from 5,000 to 6,200.   11. Error in Hunter Crow’s Ascension Passive (2-floor Skip) fixed.   12. Gods’ Max number of Core level increased from 2,000 to 2,500.   13. Partial Adjustment in Level Achievement Reward - Level 15: 500 Diamonds → 5-Star Knight Void Guy - Level 20: 1,000 Diamonds, 1,000 Relic Pieces, One 4 to 5-Star Knight Gacha Ticket → 1,000 Diamonds, Lv Rune (Level 6), One Premium 5-Star Knight Gacha Ticket   14. Weekly Reset: Regular Collection Event, Weekly Package   15. Minor Bug Fixes       Hope you enjoy the day with 60 Seconds Hero! Thank you.

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  • gamer776897691 LV.2 Lurker Dec 17, 2019, 05:10 PM

    you broke PVP

  • gamer776897691 LV.2 Lurker Dec 17, 2019, 05:57 PM

    no receive reaper stones for stage 50/100 ..Your game is Broken and might want to check to purchase of player in reaper ranking on lv7 already...+$500 to get that far that fast...

  • CrimsonRaiders LV.1 Mootie Dec 17, 2019, 08:30 PM

    Partial Adjustment Reward i got all but 5 star premium knight gacha, as i clicked on it shows some error then i went restart the game only to find out premium was used but did not get any knight

  • gamer776897691 LV.2 Lurker Dec 17, 2019, 11:01 PM

    wait so according to GM you only get 100 stones every 5000 stages, and that while the Doubled drop rate is in affect? that means it takes 500k stages this week and 1m next week to open once...Worst Update Yet. Bah Humbug to you too!!

  • Natoxz X LV.2 Lurker Dec 18, 2019, 05:11 AM

    wait so how long ios players have to wait?

  • Natoxz X LV.2 Lurker Dec 18, 2019, 10:14 AM

    hope you guys giving us ios players 10 rank up tickets

  • Natoxz X LV.2 Lurker Dec 18, 2019, 10:14 AM

    for this delay

  • Natoxz X LV.2 Lurker Dec 18, 2019, 10:14 AM

    not fair

  • CrimsonRaiders LV.1 Mootie Dec 19, 2019, 02:21 AM

    after the update now i cant see anything in guild shop only blank page