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Update Notice 9/25(Wed) (UTC-7)

60 Seconds Hero: Idle RPG: Notices - Update Notice 9/25(Wed) (UTC-7) image 1

※ Due to technical issue, for Android OS and iOS, Ascension & Rune System will be visible on 9/25(Wen) but they will not be available until the actual update on 9/26(Thu). Sorry for the confusion.   ▶ Maintenance Info. - Maintenance Time: 9/25(Wed) 00:00AM –03:00AM (UTC-7)     ▶ Update Details 1. New Feature: Ascension - Ascension will be updated for the following 5-Star Knights: Aria, Alex Jr., Lord Paimon, May & Pat, Arthurette, Golden Gargoyle   1.1. Basic Info. - Ascension is available for 'UR' 5-Star Knights.   - On 'Knightage Info' or 'Settings > Book' window, you can check whether a knight is available for Ascension or not.   - New material 'Ascension Stone' is added, which is needed for Ascension and can be obtained from Runestone Mine.   - For 'Normal Ascension', appropriate Soulstones and Ascension Stones are required.   - For 'Special Ascension', Speciak Rank-up Tickets and Ascension Stones are required.     1.2. Ascension Detail - Upon Ascension, the Knight's Star scale increases to 7-Stars and the Knight's appearance changes into a new image.   - Max Gold Level increases from 4,200(UR) into 5,500(ASC).   - ATK and HP increase by two-fold and skill damage is enhanced. Also, for some knights, their special ability is strengthened (Ex. Aria's Rank-up Passive 5x Game Speed becomes 6x Game Speed).   - Passive Skill Rank increased from Rank 7 to Rank 9.       2. New Feature: Rune System 2.1. Basic Info. - Rune system is available for Heroes equal or above Level 10.   - Rune can be obtained from 'Summon > Rune' Tab. New item 'Rune Summon Ticket' is now added in Shop.   - New material 'Runestone' is added, which can be obtained from Runestone Mine. Runestones are used for purchasing runes in Summon Tab and fusing runes.     2.2. Rune System Detail - Rune can only be equipped by 5-Star Knights (4-Star Knights cannot equip runes).   - Rune UI can be accessed in 'Knightage Info > Rune'.   - Runes are classified in 6 types: (1) Attack(ATK), (2) Crit Damage(CRT), (3) HP, (4) Attack Speed(AS), (5) Movement Speed(MS), (6) Level, and the level of runes vary from 1 to 12.   - Non-ascended Knights can only equip upto 8-Level Runes, and Ascended Knights can equip all runes upto 12-Level Runes.   - Diamonds will be spent when replacing runes from higher level runes into lower. Replacing runes from lower runes to higher will not consume diamonds.   - There are 2-set, 4-set, and 6-set equipment effect for equipping same-leveled runes.   - Runes can be fused into a higher rune with the set amount of runestones for each level. Needed number of runes will be reduced as the level of the rune gets higher.   - Rune Possession Effect will increase Rebirth Medal gain and City Gold gain depending on the status of rune inventory.   - Further information regarding runes can be found in 'Settings > Book'.     3. Added in-game language: Japanese (日本語) - On ‘Settings > Options > Select Language‘, Vietnamese is now available.     4. Added the option to turn ON or OFF 'Memory of Rebirth' while performing Rebirth - By turning OFF 'Memory of Rebirth', you will restart between stage 1 and 50 instead of n% of your Rebirth stage.   - Turning it OFF will reduce the game progress; however, by having more stages to kill monsters, you may obtain more golds than usual gameplay.   - By maintaing 'Memory of Rebirth' ON, you may play the game as it usually is.     5. Rookie Package Reset & Adjustment of Weekly Package - Rookie Package will be reset and Rookie Package will also be availaboe for those who already purchased Rookie Package.   - Weekly Package will be adjusted to include 'Ascension Stones'.     6. Weekly Reset: Regular Collection Event, Weekly Package     7. Minor Bug Fixes     Hope you enjoy the day with 60 Seconds Hero! Thank you.

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  • KitKatXXX LV.1 Mootie Sep 25, 2019, 07:31 PM

    Is the ascension dungeon only supposed to be for level 500+ heroes? That's 315 levels away for the #1 player.

  • gamer983383404 LV.1 Mootie Sep 26, 2019, 12:16 AM

    ehehe xd

  • gamer681121147 LV.1 Mootie Sep 26, 2019, 05:59 AM

    makes no sense

  • Juarz LV.1 Mootie Sep 26, 2019, 11:09 AM

    So we need to wait till next maintenance?

  • Cybunny LV.2 Lurker Sep 28, 2019, 08:44 AM

    Takes so much to build rank 12 runes.... Time to not use runes for all eternity

  • gamer627857609 LV.1 Mootie Aug 15, 2020, 12:51 AM