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#MyKratos Event WINNERS!!!

The Moot Team apologizes for the delay in announcing the winners and greatly thanks you for your patience! It was a big challenge to narrow down all of your brilliant ideas to a top 5, but we have finally made our decisions. To redeem your prize please click the link at the bottom of this post and fill out the form with your email address, FULL mailing address, and phone number so we can get your prize to you as soon as possible.

  BELOW ARE THE TOP 5 WINNERS:   1ST PLACE GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Username- Hatersaremad Kratos's New Game: Borderlands

In the borderlands series I think #MyKratos would fit really well into a borderlands game he would work sorta like the psycho from borderlands 2 and brick from the first game. Kratos ability would be his Spartan rage mixed with his axe when he uses his ability he would pull his axe out let out a battle cry of sort and go on a rampage the ability upon activation would heal him instantly to full health and give a damage buff to make his axe super powerful at any level. He would obviously need some downside to not make him broken so I think he could get something like after his ability runs out he take extra damage for 10 seconds also Kratos would have a very long cooldown to counter how big his damage boost might be around a minute and a half. I also think since Kratos would be such a big character he would have special legendary weapons only he can use like the blades of chaos even the older weapons like Hercules fist(Don't remember real name) and Apollo's bow etc. Kratos skill tree would consist of tons of things from all the games he could in the first tiers get basic health shield upgrades along with cooldown reductions etc the cool things would be toward the 2 and 3 tiers where he could get skill like "Spartans luck" which could increase the Chance of a legendary Kratos based weapon drops also a smaller increase to all legendary drops. Another skill could be "Son's Rage" where kratos has a small chance when killing a uncommon or higher enemy he can instantly skip his abilities cooldown and use it again. Kratos would be one of the funniest characters but to also make him not broken he would be locked behind some type of achievement but no buying him just earning like maybe you have to beat the game and kill the last boss with a melee hit or maybe you have to scavenge the wasteland for the portal stones from the game till you get enough to bring him through the portal which allows you to use him. This is my Kratos and where I feel he would fit most.

  2ND PLACE: Username- DeadpoolPrime99 Kratos's New Game: Middle Earth Series

  3RD PLACE: Username- TheChosenOne1757 Kratos's New Game: Resident Evil

Kratos in Raccoon City I feel that #MyKratos would be well suited for the world of Resident Evil. The story could start with Kratos and Atreus standing shoulder to shoulder looking at a giant wave of zombies. Kratos tells Atreus to stand back and let him do what he needs to do. Atreus, being scared for his father, goes against his wishes and gets up close to fight by his father's side. They make quick work of the zombies before foolishly thinking they had successfully destroyed all the nearby creatures. Atreus celebrates before being grabbed and bitten in the back of his thigh. Kratos goes into spartan mode and destroys every piece of the zombie that attacked his son. Atreus tries to be strong and get up back up but cannot succeed. Kratos is grief stricken and finds a way to tie Atreus to his back. They walk around Raccoon City trying to figure out what has happened to the people there and what caused the awakening of the dead. They soon stumble upon Leon and Kratos asks if he knows why hell has been unleashed on the world. Leon tells him that he does know and Kratos shows Leon the bite wound. Leon tells Kratos everything about what the Umbrella Corporation did and Kratos vowed to get revenge. Leon then tells Kratos the only way to save his child is to defeat the big villain and take some of his blood to inject into the wound. Kratos and Leon fight the the City of the Undead to take down Umbrella and to save Atreus. They assemble a team of elite survivors and are ready to face Albert Wesker. After many trials and many deaths only Kratos, Atreus, and Leon are left. They fight the evil Wesker and Leon gets shot in the shoulder. Kratos activates his Spartan Rage and finally takes down Wesker with his Chaos Blades. Atreus, with very little time to live, slides off of his fathers back and crashes to the ground. Kratos takes a needle and puts some of Wesker's blood into Atreus and holds him in his arms. Leon gets up and pats Kratos on the shoulder and goes to sit at Wesker's desk. He destroys all of Umbrella's secret files and activates the emergency destroy button. Kratos picks up Atreus and leaves with Leon. Kratos and Atreus then dedicate their lives to the destruction of the undead.

  4TH PLACE: Username- aRubiksCube Kratos's New Game: Overwatch

Kratos in Overwatch...Maybe? I was giving this some thought and after I have finished the main story of God of War, and seeing the #MyKratos event going on, my ears perked up a little bit and I figured "why not?". So I looked over at my game cases and glanced at Overwatch, then I got to thinking. If we're talking multiplayer games, I think Kratos would be an interesting addition to Overwatch. I feel if Kratos were to be put into Overwatch, he could have a variety of different attacks, similar to Doomfist. Kratos obviously has the ability to throw his axe which, I feel,would give him some ranged capability in fights against heroes who are a little beyond reach for close quarters. And in God of War, Kratos already shows amazing close quarters and ranged combat moves that would be amazing to see in a team based shooter, I feel like he would have great capability to be a in-your-face fighter who players could master to dish in some serious damage to the opposing team. And of course, if the player wanted to play a little bit more conservatively while playing as Kratos in Overwatch, they could possibly use attacks like "Freezing Burst" or a simple heavy throw and light throw. There is a perfect balance in God of War for players who want to play a little but more conservatively, and fight from a bit more of a distance...and there is also opportunity for the player who want to hack-and-slash at their enemies. When combined, the 2 fighting techniques can be game-changing. In this way, I think that Kratos would be really interesting to see on the battlefield in Overwatch. I feel like he would be the character to turn victory on your teams side if he was to be used effectively. But I understand the similarity between Kratos and Doomfist...What do you think? Do you think it would be cool? Is it too much like Doomfist to even consider?Personally, I think it would be really interesting to see the God of War fighting against classic heroes like "Reinhart" or "Doomfist" possibly in an event or something. You could also incorporate the upgrade system for different attacks from God of War into Overwatch as well, and you could have Kratos' ultimate be spartan rage, he could deal massive damage and have different attacks and combos in spartan rage just like in God of War. You could have him throw boulders, grab people, etc. Anyways,there is such an immense amount of possibility, crazy! I hope everyone has a good day, and God bless!

  5TH PLACE: Username- KingOfMemes Kratos's New Game: Ryse Son of Rome

Kratos In Ryse Son Of Rome If I had to choose I would definitely pick Ryse Son Of Rome, the god of war games and Ryse of Rome both are similar in many ways yet completely different. Of course the first similarity is that both of the protagonist’s cities fall, yet where Marius tried to stop it first hand Kratos did not know till it was too late. Another one is of most of the gods being close to exactly alike, the Roman’s Of course had a different view on them and the Spartans did as well because of their cultural differences. Zeus was what the spartans called and the romans called them Jupiter, there are other gods that the romans used with names of the planets as well. One of my favorite similarities between Marius and Kratos is the legend they lived, the vengeful spirit Damocles and the Ghost of Sparta. There’s also the fact that Rome and Sparta fought against each other at times, which makes it more possible that Marius could’ve met or heard about Kratos at one point. It could even be where we see Kratos before he became the ghost of Sparta and the two fought in battle, honoring each other’s strengths and will to conquer/gain power. Of course Kratos could just be in the game for a section or two since both Rome and Sparta fought against barbarians as well. Of course the major difference between the two would be that in god of war you fight against titans and gods, as in Ryse son of Rome you become Damocles and bring down a corrupt emperor but gods do exist in the time of Ryse as well. Both games are connected with actual greek lore but are entire different in their own ways, and if you want to take it to he next level you can have it to where at the end Kratos sees Marius’s corpse and knows about the God’s betrayal which in theory could be an entire different god of war game. if you want to go to the extreme you could even have it to where Ryse son of Rome is mentioned in the god of war games themselves, like when Kratos looks over at the end of Olympus you would see the city of Rome falling. There’s just so many possibilities of what these two games could accomplish together in lore, gameplay, story and much more. #MyKratos

  25 RANDOMLY CHOSEN WINNERS: - AcidicBuble - ASSASSIN23007 - bigbodylev - CBfamily4life - Cosmic - DonutWill - Gil Anthony - Gun - James Kenneth Harmon - JANZUZ - Johnny Aviles - Just Nathan - KingChaih - LazerwulfIndominus - LazyTitan - monibands - Nacoma Pettus - OscarDaBear - Redlightningdude - The_Nightmare134 - Tvrock - Tyler Serafin - Undying - YABOIIJESUS - yolo_mcswagin30   Please fill out the link below to claim your prize:

  Thank you all again for participating! Keep your eyes peeled for more events to come on Moot. We hope all of you stick around and grow with us for years to come 😎

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