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Summon Rate Up Event

Event Board
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  Greetings Warriors!   Wanting to have new heroes to fight with you throughout your adventure? Then make sure that you take advantage of our Summon Rate up Event!   Get a chance to summon our new Heroes: Stella   During the event period, chances of getting Queen Vishy Summon Stones will be 2 times higher while getting the whole Hero will be 3 times higher! So make sure you use this opportunity to get them join your party! But, remember that during the event period, Yasin will only be available from the Event Summon.  

Wonder 5 Masters R: Event Board - Summon Rate Up Event  image 3

    Event Period: 2019/04/24 [KST] Update ~ before a separate announcement   NOTE: ※ The number of Summon Stones that you can receive from Chaldean will increase from 3 to 4. ※ This Event is only available for Event Summon. ※ Event Summon will be available only by using Gems. ※ There will be a higher chance of summoning Queen Vishy themselves on the Chaldean. ※ Event Summon is considered as normal hero draw, so if you reach 100% mileage, extra mileage won't stack up. ※ After the event, Queen Vish cannot summon the Queen using ordinary hero recall and mileage. ※ At the end of the event, the hero will appear in the Battlefield Store with a fixed piece.   Keep fighting! Good luck on your adventures, Warriors!   Thank you.  

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