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3/28 Maintenance Complete

Notice Board
Wonder 5 Masters R: Notice Board - 3/28 Maintenance Complete image 1

  Greetings, Warriors!   It's almost time for the next update! Here's what we have in store for you.     ■ Inspection schedule: March 28th at 14:00 to 18:00 [KST]     ■ Battlefield of Fame Reorganization - The Battlefield of Fame play style, rewards and ratings will be revamped.   1. In the event of a loss, the score will be changed so that you don't lose. - Existing winning points and winning consecutive bonuses are maintained.   2. The number of banned heroes changes to three. - No. 1 to No. 3 heroes in the banned list due to voting will be available the following day.   3. You can use your skills directly during the Battle of Fame. - Attackers can turn off and activate their automatic skills just as they do with their existing adventures.   4. You can check the opponent's information on the preparation screen before starting the battle.   5. Tickets will be exhausted if you click the 'Prepare to Combat' button in the lobby of the Hall of Fame. - If you return from the Battle Preparation Screen, the tickets will not be restored. - Features related to the Battlefield of Achievement and Fame must be played in order to be counted.   6. The continuous entry function disappears.   7. The rating and settlement compensation according to rank will be reorganized. - It will be changed to a ranking system, not a rating change based on score.   8. The weekly settlement system will be reorganized. - Initialization ratings and scores are specified by the previous week's final rank. - The rating drop system will be deleted by the number of plays and the odds over a week.   9. The one-day play score retention condition changes.   10. Added items from a duel shop - 'A Class A Blessed Equipment Box' appears in the fighting ground store as a low probability.   ※ For more information, refer to the Battlefield Help in the game after the update. ※ These changes will take effect immediately after the update.     ■ Adjust SD character skill balance - Some SD characters adjust their skill balance.   1. SD Herian (Assn) - Toxic Arrow : Increased probability of addiction. - Survival shot: Increase of the damage. - Sniper : Physical attack force, increased attack speed.   2. SD brissa (Assn) - Blistering Cannon : Decreased burn damage, slightly reduced range of shots - Shaky focus: Small reduction in hit drop effect.   3. SD Sarby (Warr) - Immortality : Eliminate the duration of the magic defense increase (change to be maintained)     ■ Add new characters - New character queen Vish (magician) is added. - This will be the case for the Summoning of the Mansion of the Vocabulary. - During the event period, a related heroic sculpture will be added to the New World Dungeon.     ■ Added a batch of promotion materials - Adds the ability to batch and mount the Hero Promotion Material. - This function is to synthesize and fit the materials you have into the grade at a time.   ■ battlefield charging system reform of the exploration, the level of fame, Barton & Guestier, Gold mine. Convenience charge your tickets - Some Content will be strengthened. - ticket goods when there is sufficient charge, batch number may be possible to charge using in the dictionary.   ■ End of 1st anniversary event - Ends the 1st anniversary event dungeon.     ■ Other modifications - Heat increases during game play and improves drive speed. - Intermittent post-adoption selection will be modified. - During use skill drag and selection in battle, the game speed will be slower than before. - On the Hero Information screen, the Select a representative hero button is improved more significantly. - Explanations will be added to ensure the boss features before entering the palace. (You can check it by pressing and holding the Monster icon.)     ■ Maintenance compensation - 200 energy ※ Inspection compensation period: Until March 31th, 23:59 [KST]     ※ Please note: The time to distribute the updated version may vary depending on the instrument and market environment.     Thank you.

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  • gamer518772594 LV.1 Mootie Mar 29, 2019, 05:05 AM

    so inject mana is either written wrong or a confusing ability says reduces magical attack (30%) from Allies then increases magical attack (70%). Am I missing something here?