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May 16, 2019, 05:28 PM 563 read

Server Integration Pre-Guided

Notice Board

Greetings, Warriors!   Some servers will be consolidated. To provide a better service and proactively guide you through the work you are preparing.     ■ Integrated date: inspection on May 30th, 2019 (scheduled)     ■ Integrated target: 2 servers(Palimay and Haien) are integrated into one server     This server integration purpose is to provide a better environment for users who use three servers.   During the integration process, some game information and character names you currently use may be adjusted.   See below for details.     ※ Rules related to server consolidation     1. If there are multiple characters for each server to be integrated into one account - Only the characters with the highest account level remain. (For example, if you have 10 levels of Palimay and 11 levels of Haien, only the Rakshu characters will be transferred to an account.) - If a paid gem is left in the deleted character, it will be added to the transferred character. (Materials other than paid gem are not added)     2. Initializing Friend Information - All friends listed will be initialized. - The wait list for all received requests will be initialized.     3. Initialize mailbox friend entries - All the points of friendship that were kept in the mailbox will be removed. - General merchandise and paid product mail will not be initialized.     4. Initializing Arena Information - Resetting the War of Honor score and battle history. - The Victory Battlefield score and the number of wins are initialized.     5. Initializing the history of dealing with Dimensional Predators - The rade boss level changes to 1.     6. Initializing Dimensional Exploration progress - Prior to an integrated check, the exploration of a sailing ship is automatically returned. - Ship purchase history will not be initialized.     7. Duplicate characters and character names from other servers - We will have an English letter in front of the nickname, referring to the server. - If the content and method are confirmed, we will guide you through further notice.     8. Guild Information (Undetermined) - Guild moved including guild master only. - Depending on the working situation, the guild maze level may be initialized.- Guild War progress information will be initialized. - If the content and method are confirmed, we will guide you through further notice.     If there are any schedule changes or changes associated with server consolidation, We'll check it out thoroughly and let you know again.   After server consolidation, review carefully so that you can play without any inconvenience. We will try to ensure that server consolidation is completed without any problems.   Thank you very much for sending us great love for Wonder5 MastersR. We will continue to work hard to provide you with a fun game environment.   Thank you.

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