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5/3 Maintenance Complete

Notice Board
Wonder 5 Masters R: Notice Board - 5/3 Maintenance Complete image 1

Greetings, Warriors!   It's almost time for the next update! Here's what we have in store for you. ■ Inspection schedule: May 3rd at 14:00 to 15:30 [KST] ■ May Event- New event shop will be open ( May 3rd ~ May 31th )   ■ Stella Skill Fixed - "Death sentence" will be fixed. (If you level up this skill, this skill will be changed number.)   ■ Enhanced Hoihem skill modification - Advance Hoihem's 'By God' skill now applies to enemies around Hoihem from a single target. - Increased probability of burning resistance of 'Dwarf Vigor' of Hoihem, of promotion.   ■ Friendship point payment system change- We have been modified to receive a certain amount of points when sending friendship points that an existing friend can only receive by sending out friendship points. ● Amount received from friends: 2 friendship points ● Amount to send: 3 friendship points - Friendship points earned at the time of gift are acquired immediately without a guide window.   ■ Gold Dungeon Bug Fix - Fixed a bug where 10 stars could not achieve 3 stars.   ■ Maintenance compensation - 200 energy   ※ Inspection compensation period: Until May 6th, 00:00 [KST] ※ Please note: The time to distribute the updated version may vary depending on the instrument and market environment. Thank you.

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