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Jul 5, 2019, 11:25 AM 662 read

As A Special Thanks...

To those of you great people in the community who support me... I have decided to dedicate this world to you. (Actually the whole Moot app itself, but it's really to you guys. Don't tell them that.) As a very rough, quick concrete build I leave the Moot logo in my world as a constant reminder of what I'm doing this world for: Pure progression and the builds to show you guys. Were I to have the resources and time, I would make a much larger scale build. It would look a lot prettier than this, but you know how lazy I was with Mansion Lighting... Still hasn't happened! But you guys will forever be a part of this world, yes remember that Desert Temple house thing I built? Yeah this is like 20 blocks from it, it's fine. You guys are my goal in this world, to impress you guys and girls on here... To improve myself so I can keep impressing you (because garbo builds like I've got going on with the Quartz Monument aren't going to cut it) Like I said, this world is for you... I will update more once I build more, which will most likely be the Quartz Monument or the Dungeon.

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